New York Rumors

Kenny Anderson: Pearl was the guy — an embodiment of New York City on the basketball court. And he gave players like me, who followed after him, the blueprint. By watching Pearl, we learned how to beat an opponent before he even stepped on the court. I mean, some dude from the middle of Arkansas, or from some small town, who hadn’t run into guys like us — walkin’ tall and talkin’ and just being real confident — that dude didn’t stand a chance. He’d be like, Wow, this kid must be gooood. And right there, he was dead in the water. Done. It was over.
Kenny Anderson: And back then, I didn’t have any money. None of us did, really. So we’d have to jump the subway turnstiles. Or we’d use one token and squeeze two guys through. A few times we got caught, and I had to plead with the cops. I’d be like, “Listen, man, we’re trying to play ball. We’re not criminals. We’re just some broke-ass kids trying to get to a game.” They’d give us the business, but eventually they’d let us go. They understood.
Check out more info via Champions Basketball League: New York fan favorites are at the center of Champions Basketball New York team. The Gotham Ballers front office includes Walt Frazier, NBA Champion and Hall of Famer, is the New York team’s summer league President, NBA great and former New York Knicks/ Baltimore Bullets star Earl Monroe as General Manager, and leading the team as Coach is former New York Knicks player and Syracuse University standout, John Wallace. The Gotham Ballers player roster includes: Al Harrington, Kenyon Martin, Shawn Marion, Eddy Curry, Kareem Rush, Tyshawn Taylor, Jamaal Tinsley, Terrence Williams, Josh Childress, Daniel Gibson and Renaldo Balkman.