NFL Rumors

Hall of Famer Jerry West told those in attendance at Sunday’s Legends Brunch in Los Angeles that the NBA is poised for tremendous growth: “When I came to the city of Los Angeles, we were nobody. Last page of two newspapers. Had no writers, no coverage at all. And to see the way this game has changed and grown, and to see the strides that have been made for people who truly were able to contribute a different way is truly remarkable. “I want to say this. I don’t like to say things that are controversial at all. But this game is gonna overtake all the other sports.”
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The question on everyone’s minds is: Has the players’ protest already failed? There’s evidence to suggest it has. Of those 70% black NFL players (1,187), only 15 to 23 (about 2%) have regularly protested at games on a weekly basis. To the white fans the protestors are trying to reach, those tiny numbers might suggest there is no big problem. For them, it’s a legitimate excuse to ignore the issue: If blacks don’t care, why should I? What’s odd about the lack of commitment from black players are the troubling racial statistics within their own game. The preference for white quarterbacks has always been a contentious issue. According to the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports, in 1999, 81% of the quarterbacks were white. Fast forward 15 years later to 2014 and its 80.2% white. According to the US Census, only 6.7% of management are black. They’re facing disparity in their own artificially turfed backyards.