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Los Angeles’ two NBA teams played against each other on Saturday at Staples Center, and Chargers tight end Jeff Cumberland was there, so they showed him on the jumbotron, as they usually do when anyone of note is in attendance. But before showing Cumberland, the Chargers’ new logo was shown. According to multiple reporters at the game, it made for a pretty awkward moment. Fans booed the Chargers logo, but then sort of applauded Cumberland.
Larry Nance Jr.: Growing up as a kid diagnosed with Crohns Disease, I scoured the internet for an athlete that had made it to the professional level that also shared my condition.. I found David Garrard (@ddg0214 ) quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars and began to follow his career and became his self proclaimed biggest fan.. This past road trip in Charlotte I got to meet and have dinner with my childhood idol.. The self confidence I got from him sharing his story and knowing it was possible to play at the highest level while having the disease we share I could never thank him enough for.. Knowing the way his story lifted me up and gave me the confidence to pursue my basketball dreams is what drives me to put my story out there and potentially be to another kid what David was to me..
Storyline: Larry Nance Health
Another one of the nominees, Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, called Curry out on his support for Torrey Smith. Curry is a longtime Panthers fan who cheered on the team at the Super Bowl. Head coach Ron Rivera has even said of Curry: “He’s been in our locker room before, he’s been to practices, he’s come to training camp before. He’s welcome.” But Curry chose to ask his fans to support his friend Smith instead of Olsen.