Oklahoma City Rumors

He stole the ball from Kevin Durant on one end, then weaved his way in and out of all those blue jerseys on the other. Down the right side of the lane – past Russell Westbrook, past Steven Adams – the ball over them all as his finger-roll fell in for a 10-point lead with 1:02 to go. “We ain’t going home,” he yelled into the Oracle Arena crowd. No, they’re not. Down 3-2 and still facing the toughest of tasks, they’re headed to Oklahoma City for Game 6 on Saturday.
When Kevin Durant took the stage at his restaurant, KD’s Southern Cuisine, in Oklahoma City on Sunday night, he told a story about growing up playing basketball on blacktop courts. With his mother, his Thunder teammates and members of the Oklahoma City community looking on, it was an occasion to celebrate the chance to give back the gift he received as a child. Durant talked about the signature mission of the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation, the “Build It and They Will Ball” initiative, which builds and renovates basketball courts in underserved communities across the U.S. The Players’ Tribune was behind the scenes with KD, and his family and friends, for the night’s festivities.
Colangelo is not sure if assistant coach Monty Williams will travel to Rio following the death of his wife, Ingrid, last month when an oncoming SUV crossed the center line and struck her car head on. He has not returned to coaching in Oklahoma City, where he’s an assistant. “I’ve chosen not to even talk to him about what his plans are. I don’t need to know anything right now,” said Colangelo, who showed his support by attending Ingrid Williams’ funeral. “I know what I would do if he decides not to go forward. … I don’t know what the answer is yet, but we’ll be fine either way, whatever he wants to do.”
Mark Cuban on how his stays went at The Skirvin Hilton OKC “I brought my little bed bug detector. I brought my ghost detector.’ put directions on which elevator to go to which floor. The usual.” Cuban on if the Mavericks will continue to stay there ‘That’s up to Keith. I don’t pay attention. As long as they let me sleep, I don’t care…. Every hotel we’ve ever stayed in has had bed bugs at one time or another. Sometimes, at some point, it’s gonna happen to the wrong person at the wrong time.”