Olympic Games Rumors

Nikos Varlas: 16 international tournaments World Cup: 🥇 Olympic Games: 🥈🥈🥉 EuroBasket: 🥇🥇🥈🥈🥉 Juan Carlos “LA BOMBA” Navarro OUT pic.twitter.com/BHcwM4aRrd

So when John Stockton pulled a bit of a trick on fans when he interviewed them on the street in this video, he could do it (wearing sunglasses of course) without being recognized. Until, of course, his son pointed to a fan’s shirt and said “that’s my dad!” The confused random fan then figured it out. “Do you play on the team?” she asked, her eyes wide. The video closes out with Stockton, with his ’90s camcorder, walking down the street with his family, unnoticed, and joking that he just can’t go anywhere without being mobbed.
Because of the cache that USA Basketball Director Jerry Colangelo has created by playing in the Olympics today, it’s hard to forget how difficult people thought it would be back then to get NBA players to play in the Games, to play for a relative pittance and sacrifice their precious down time after a grueling season. But the exclusivity was the hook; if players knew only a few would be chosen, it created desire to be there, like being in a club that almost no one else could join. “I remember people like Billy Packer saying players would never give up their summer,” Granik told me years later. But the committee found it to be, relatively, easier than people believed it would be to get commitments.