Olympics Rumors

LeBron James is thrilled the International Olympic Committee has approved a plan to add 3-on-3 basketball but you won’t be seeing him represent Team USA in Tokyo in 2020. “I think it’s great for basketball,” James said Sunday. “For us to be able to add another category to the Olympics, another basketball category, I think it’s pretty great. I haven’t seen the full layout of how they plan on executing it; and are they going to use NBA guys or are going to use college guys?”
1 month ago via ESPN
NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum says the IOC’s announcement that 3-on-3 will be in the 2020 Olympics “continues to signify the growing popularity of basketball around the world. The last few years, we have made a major push in 3-on-3 basketball with our nationwide Dew NBA 3X tour and several international 3-on-3 competitions… the Olympic stage will provide these elite athletes with the opportunity to further demonstrate their talents.”
2 months ago via ESPN