Owners Rumors

Kings minority owners have quietly explored ways to seize controlling interest from Ranadive, sources told The Vertical, but on this there is little recourse. Owning an NBA team has become almost bulletproof, with an owner-friendly CBA redirecting the money and billions in television revenue set to flow into the league’s coffers in the coming year. Ranadive’s mismanagement has set the rebuilding Kings back years, but that alone won’t be enough for anyone to remove him.
Tim MacMahon: Mavs owner Mark Cuban says that when he sees Dwyane Wade thinks about the Finals the Mavs lost to the Heat, not the title Dallas won in Miami. “I think about Jack Nees. I think about Bennett Salvatore,” Cuban said, naming a couple of retired referees. “I think about 937 free throws.” Added Cuban: “It’s the only Finals where you had other players asking if it’s fixed. But you know I don’t hold 10-year grudges.”