Owners Rumors

Orlando Magic Chief Executive Officer Alex Martins has been named to Orlando Magazine’s Most Powerful People list for the eighth consecutive year, ranking twelfth on this year’s list. Martins has remained a fixture in the rankings of the most dynamic leaders in Central Florida for much of the past decade. He was a “Hall of Power” member after ranking in Orlando Magazine’s Top 5 for five years in a row of their “Most Powerful People” rankings and sat atop that list in 2012.
Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, has been a part of several brand launches that have elicited mixed feedback from consumers. He was well aware of the backlash that the new logo received on social media Wednesday and Thursday. “Many people really don’t like change in this world, they really don’t,” Ballmer said. “If we changed the user interface on a software product, people didn’t like it. Some people do but the people that are set and comfortable don’t like it. I know when newspapers change their formats, it takes getting used to and this will take some getting used to for people who really liked where we were. The overwhelming sentiment from the people who communicated with me initially was ‘change.’ I’m glad we did what we did and I don’t expect to do it every year.”
Some professional sports teams take two years working on rebranding, but Ballmer said he felt the need to introduce change before this season, ahead on the one-year anniversary of his purchase of the team. He also said he briefly considered changing the team name before ultimately deciding to keep it. “I think the name has actually developed value,” Ballmer said. “It’s a name that stands for a team overcoming difficulty. I kind of like that. Overcoming difficulty is not a bad thing. So I didn’t want to change the name. I was kind of hardcore about that in my thinking but I did want to signal a new day, a new age and a new generation. So we said let’s keep the colors, keep the name and change everything else.”
“It was important because I know I bought a team in L.A. that will be in L.A. forever,” Ballmer said. “I know a lot of people say, ‘Hey, the guy doesn’t live here and what’s that all about?’ But the Clippers will always be in L.A. Hey, let’s face it, for most of our history we’ve been the number two team in L.A., but we embrace this place and we’re as fired about it and care as much about it as anybody else around. We’re here. We’ll always be here. I don’t even think about it. I’ve never thought about it. I was quite clear when we were bidding on Sacramento, the group that I was with, we were moving the team to Seattle. But when I bought a team in L.A. there was no question in my mind that was a team for L.A. I like L.A. It’s a place I like to come visit. It’s a wonderful place. While my family will stay living where we’re living, that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great place to get away for business and watch games and do all that. It’s a great place. The value of the team is highly dependent on it being here in L.A. If you move a team anywhere else, it’s not the same. Atlanta just sold for $850 million. That’s not what I paid for L.A.”