Owners Rumors

It wasn’t just the fans — owners were saying the same thing, too. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN had front office insider Bobby Marks on his podcast and told this story (at around the 30-minute mark, hat tip NBA Reddit). “I never heard more talk from front office executives frustration with coaches who were winning games they didn’t want them to win. And owners, I know of an instance of an owner berating, really berating his coach here in the last several weeks of the season for going in and beating a pretty good team on the road, going ‘what are you doing?’ And think about that, that should not be going on.”
Josh Harris: “Obviously, we chose the draft. That takes longer because you get one or two good players a year. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. We’ve had some of those. But my vision was of restoring Philly’s greatness and going deep in the playoffs and ultimately win an NBA championship. That was really what I set out to do. So it allowed me to take a long-term point of view even though it was really frustrating to go through the losing. I stuck with it. We stuck with it. I’m glad we did.”
Josh Harris: “We were pretty straight forward we wanted to make the playoffs, which would have been a big jump from 28 wins last season. So when you say, ‘Make the playoffs,’ you are really saying seventh or eighth [seed]. To make third seed really did exceed expectations. … We didn’t think we were going to come in and do that. The culture jelled. and we did a lot of things to make that happen.”
Armstrong represents Derrick Rose, Denzel Valentine, Draymond Green and Suns promising rookie Josh Jackson, among many others. He negotiated Rose’s monster, $185 million lifetime deal with Adidas. And ne now gets to do a different kind of business with Reinsdorf and Paxson, his former backcourt competitor on the Bulls’ first three-peat team. “It hasn’t been awkward at all. Actually, it’s been quite pleasant,” Armstrong said of negotiating with the Bulls. “I consider Jerry (Reinsdorf) a mentor. And I consider John a friend. I’ve known John for almost 30 years.”
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