Owners Rumors

“I feel like my brain as far as the game of basketball is unique and I would love to continue to give my knowledge to the game,” James said. “And I would love to be a part of a franchise, if not at the top. My dream is to actually own a team and I don’t need to have fully hands on. If I’m fortunate enough to own a team, then I’m going to hire the best GM and president that I can. “But I have a feel like I have a good eye for not only talent, because we all see a lot of talent, but the things that make the talent, the chemistry, what type of guy he is, his work ethic, his passion, the basketball IQ side of things, because talent only goes so far.”
Michael Jordan’s Restaurant, a grill-focused restaurant with an assortment of steaks, is headed to Oak Brook. The restaurant is aiming for a summer 2017 opening at the Oak Brook 22 (1225 W. 22d St., Oak Brook), a redeveloping office tower facing Oakbrook Center mall. Operated by Cornerstone Restaurant Group, which oversees all Jordan-brand restaurants, including Michael Jordan’s Steak House in the InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile, the restaurant will feature an American menu and a beverage program highlighted by wines on tap, craft beers and cocktails.
But that’s not to say his first year with the team was all smooth sailing. As can be expected as a former player takes the team executive route, Hill says he’s still adjusting to certain aspects of ownership, particularly his interaction with the players. “I was always sort of led to believe that owners are distractions and that locker room is a sanctuary,” Hill said. “That’s sort of — for 19 years — what I believed. Obviously owners would come around, particularly the managing partner, from time to time, but (the locker room) is (the players’) space. That is their sanctuary. Respecting that but also being in the position to look to add value is something I’m figuring out.”