Owners Rumors

Former Clippers owner Donald Sterling lost his appeal Monday to regain the team his estranged wife sold last year for a record $2 billion after he was booted from the NBA for making discriminatory remarks about black people. The 2nd District Court of Appeal said Shelly Sterling properly removed her husband from a family trust that owned the team and that the sale to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer prevented the trust from an “extraordinary loss.” Shelly Sterling took control of the family trust after a recording surfaced of Donald Sterling making offensive comments to a young girlfriend about black people and other minorities.
The appeals court said Donald Sterling failed to show the judge committed any legal error. The three-judge panel also noted that before Sterling refused to sign off on the sale he had congratulated his wife on the price she negotiated. “Wow, you really did a good job,” he exclaimed. The price was $400 million above the next-best offer and far above what anyone thought the team, a perennial loser that was on the rise, would fetch.
Jon Krawczynski: For years Glen Taylor has wanted to bring in a minority partner who would ride shotgun for a few years before taking over the team. He had been largely unsuccessful in finding someone willing to do that. Any interested bidder has wanted to purchase team outright. Very recently, several parties have stepped forward willing to go along with a plan that would allow Glen to own team for a few more years. One of those parties, as @Adrian Wojnarowski reported, is Steve Kaplan. They have had discussions about a minority stake for him.