Owners Rumors

Marc Stein: Didn’t really buy into their whole pursuit-of-@KingJames thing … but maybe the @NZBreakers and their new American owners (led by @mattyvincent44 + @matrix31) have more juice than I thought. Here’s the ex-NBAer Walsh yesterday (for real) trying to win the fandom of @BarackObama.

Anthony Randolph: Real Madrid is one of the top three, if not the best team in Europe. We fly private everywhere for the most part. We get free tickets to the soccer games. We get to mingle with the soccer players and get to know them. We are able to interact with the owner of Real Madrid [Florentino Pérez], have a relationship with him, and he is really down to earth. We have some of the best trainers. We have one of the best facilities I have ever seen, on par with some of the NBA’s best facilities. It’s a great experience. You get the car. You get the house. You get the money and everything else. They take care of your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the training facility. You have your own room at the facility. It’s a pretty amazing setup. There is Real Madrid City, where the soccer and basketball players train, and we have our own residences inside of it with a cafeteria. It’s like a mini apartment with a living room, bedroom and bathroom. Yeah, it’s dope.
At some point, Wolves coach/pres­i­dent of basket­ball op­er­ations Tom Thib­o­deau, General Man­ag­er Scott Lay­den and, of course, own­er Glen Tay­lor must de­cide how much they can af­ford and with whom they can sur­round three play­ers earn­ing max con­tracts. “We’ve been plan­ning,” Thib­o­deau said. “We’re wor­ried a­bout not only now, but we have to be sure we put the best team on the floor we can. That’s a big part of this. The big­gest thing is ev­er­y­one con­cen­trat­ing on us win­ning. We don’t want to get lost in any­thing but chas­ing ex­cel­lence.”
Gayle Benson, who assumed control of the Pelicans and the New Orleans Saints after Tom’s passing, paid a visit to the Pelicans before Friday’s practice to thank the team for their kind words. Pelicans coach Alvin Gentry said that he wanted to keep Gayle’s message to the team private, he did say that she stressed to the team that “everything here is going to be fine” moving forward.