Owners Rumors

ESPN.com reported a dinner between Jeanie Buss, her longtime close friend Linda Rambis (now a team executive and the wife of former Lakers’ coach and player Kurt Rambis), and Lakers Hall of Famer Magic Johnson at the team’s game at Staples Center last Tuesday with the Denver Nuggets. Maybe it was just dinner. But everything is magnified now. “I think she is still gathering information,” one friend of Jeanie Buss texted Sunday night.
Los Angeles can still easily pursue a max free agent next summer, even with the new contracts on the books, but Mozgov hasn’t been an interior force on offense, and Deng doesn’t look like the Deng of old on defense. In the NBA’s new TV-contract soaked world, the deals aren’t indefensible; But they haven’t been very impactful, either, and that’s something Jeanie Buss is considering as she contemplates her brother’s future. “She’s hearing from enough people that those two signings were not strong enough signings,” said one person who’s spoken with her recently.
Storyline: Lakers Front Office
Cuban watched Trump be sworn in Friday as the nation’s 45th president. The ardent support of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, however, has his doubts whether Trump can make American great again. “I don’t think America needs to be made great again, but sometimes it’s like talking about the Mavs,” Cuban said before Friday’s game against the Utah Jazz. “Sometimes you speak to your fan base, and sometimes you tell the truth. It’s like I’ve always said since the day I bought the team [on Jan. 4, 2000]. Take what I say seriously, but not literally.”