Pat Riley Rumors

There is this insulted feeling in the Heat organization that James used Riley as legendary leverage at the end, as a public pawn, flying him across the country and making him wait in Las Vegas for a short meeting with an already-determined outcome — so James’ men could negotiate all the power they wanted from Cleveland in the interim with the very public lie that Miami was still in play — and to show Riley who was really in charge. That may or may not be accurate, but this is: James, the paradigm shifter, didn’t look like he was working for the owner, general manager and coach in Cleveland as much as it looked like they were working for him.
In a perfect world, Riley has made it clear he would like to draft a player similar to Golden State shooting guard Klay Thompson, who was the 11th pick of the 2011 draft. A player such as Thompson would complement the Heat’s current backcourt, which is heavy on attackers but could use some additional shooting touch from outside. “A lot of times you have a player or two players who are playmakers that are your best playmakers and your best scorers, but they might not have that kind of range or that kind of game, so you need to go out and get two or three of those kinds of players,” Riley said after the regular season. “And so, while we felt we had enough maybe on the perimeter, that might be an area where we look, but I don’t want to be a one-dimensional guy.”
On Monday, Riley was asked about the draft and next season and the Heat’s president, in classic Riley style, dropped a loaded one-liner, which was immediately interpreted as a dig at LeBron. Asked to clarify if that comment was about James, Riley said, “that could be anyone across the board,” before adding, “I’ve already got about half a dozen emails from people I don’t even know recommending [a player], and somewhere in that email or text is always a smiley.”
Cruise stock prices spiked upward when Obama announced his thawing policy toward Cuba. People like Arison immediately imagined their majestic ships flowing lucratively in and out of Cuban ports, ferrying monied tourists eager to explore the exotic island so near yet so off-limits for so long. That could be another delicate spot for Arison, the idea that increasingly normalized relations with Cuba could be very good for Carnival and his already enormous bank account – but could also lead many Heat fans to angrily consider those profits to be Castro-dirty.