Pat Sullivan Rumors

Coach Randy Wittman and Tommy Sheppard, senior vice president of basketball operations, are leaving Friday to visit Gortat who has been coordinating basketball camps across his homeland. Wizards assistant coach Pat Sullivan already has been there assisting Gortat, who is coming off one of his best seasons as a pro — and his first in Washington — with 13.2 points and 9.5 rebounds per game.
Pat Sullivan doesn’t know what to do with himself. He struggles to remember when he wasn’t preparing for a basketball season at this time of year. The NBA lockout has affected Sullivan, a Bogota native and one of the best players in Bergen County history. His contract as a Detroit Pistons assistant coach expired June 30 and wasn’t renewed. Sullivan, who has coached in high school, college and the NBA consecutively since graduating from North Carolina in 1995, hasn’t been able to find work because few teams are hiring during the lockout. “It’s kind of crazy,” Sullivan said. “Now my basketball is talking to coaches, watching stuff on TV, watching old games, going into the driveway and playing and going and helping fifth- and sixth-grade boys.”