Patty Mills Rumors

Several Spurs see their special drinks as an all-important first step to the recovery process that staves off fatigue and injury. “It’s nutrients, veggies, fruits, you know, to replenish what you’ve spent out on the court,” says guard Patty Mills. “It’s just a part of the recovery process, the same thing as eating the right foods after the games. I don’t think as soon as you drink it you feel like Superman.” “Man, we ain’t gonna talk about that,” Leonard says. “It’s just juice.”
3 months ago via ESPN
After a road game in November, Spurs guard Patty Mills struggles to remember the ingredients of his custom juice, called “Bala 8” (“Bala” is a term in Mills’ native language that means “brother” and “8” is his jersey number). “I’ve got a favorite one,” Mills says, and then began to rattle off the ingredients. “It’s celery, ginger, parsley, green apple–” And that’s when a Spurs staffer cuts him off, interjecting “lots of veggies and nutrients.” The staffer taps lightly on a black duffel bag, saying: “It’s in there right now, in the secret compartment.”
3 months ago via ESPN
A 7-foot leaper, Dedmon took over the job on Jan. 31, 12 days after Pau Gasol fractured his left hand in warmups before a game against Denver. He has played well enough to hold onto it now that Gasol is back. “He brings another dynamic character to the first group,” backup guard Patty Mills said. “That’s good for us, in terms of his energy and enthusiasm.” In the 11 games since Dedmon took over the starting gig, he is averaging 8.1 points and 10.2 rebounds. Though the high-flyer has become a fan favorite with his 46 slam dunks, Dedmon’s presence has been felt most acutely on the defensive end.
Manu Ginobili and Patty Mills still had not replaced the departed Tiago Splitter in what used to be a road foursome. Now they are down to a twosome, while auditioning Diaw replacements as well. “We are exploring our options,” said Ginobili, mentioning Gasol and rookies Davis Bertans and Nico Laprovittola as potential successors. “Boris is hard to replace, for sure.”