Patty Mills Rumors

Australian NBA star Patty Mills could barely walk when he returned after midnight to his spartan lodging on the remote South Pacific island of Mer, his ancestral home in the middle of the Coral Sea. The village Elders gave him as thorough a workout as anything meted out by his trainers at the San Antonio Spurs, who re-signed him as their point guard in August for a reported $50 million ($65 million Australian). Mills is second only to Joe Ingles as the highest paid Australian in the NBA, ending last season shooting 41% from 3-point range, 11th in the entire league.
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After dance training, Mills rested his aching legs in a deckchair in the common room of the Island Council lodge as he listened to his father, Benny, explain the importance of Meriam Mir culture. “When you see Islander dancing it’s important to understand it’s cultural significance, not only to Meriam Mir people but all people of Australia.” “This is not like doing the ‘bus stop’, it’s about a deeper level of understanding. It’s not just part of Meriam culture but part of Australian culture and something all Australians should have an understanding about — its part of all of us, it’s part of not just being an Islander, but being an Australian.”
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Fresh off an offseason tour in his native Australia to promote the series of children’s books he’s authored, Spurs guard Patty Mills is eager now to spread the word about his inspirational tales in the U.S. “Game Day!” is a three-part series of books Mills wrote about his upbringing, his values and the different obstacles he faced and overcame during childhood. Mills launched the first two books this summer. The third is scheduled to come out later this year. “It’s a nice read, an easy 110-page read, with some illustrations,” he said. “The importance of it was to teach lessons and values about growing up and respect and discipline and all of those types of things through my upbringing.
Several Spurs see their special drinks as an all-important first step to the recovery process that staves off fatigue and injury. “It’s nutrients, veggies, fruits, you know, to replenish what you’ve spent out on the court,” says guard Patty Mills. “It’s just a part of the recovery process, the same thing as eating the right foods after the games. I don’t think as soon as you drink it you feel like Superman.” “Man, we ain’t gonna talk about that,” Leonard says. “It’s just juice.”
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