Paul Silas Rumors

Silas and the other former Celtics at the reunion had a chance to catch the Green practice the day before their regular-season finale against the Heat. Silas came away impressed with coach Brad Stevens . “I just talked to him, and we went to practice and told him that he’s doing a terrific job,” said Silas. “He was running a practice not where they were really going at each other. His voice, he was talking so loud about what they should do. I told him most coaches don’t do that, that’s just terrific. He’s doing a great job.”
The players mostly are forgotten now, but in the summer of 1991, the Knicks brought a group of hopefuls to the Catskills to play against an equally non-descript team of Philadelphia 76ers wannabes. One guy stood out: this hulking 6-foot-7 bruiser, Anthony Mason, who tossed the Sixers around like rag dolls. “Mase was tough. He didn’t give up anything. He wanted to play. Even then, players weren’t nearly as tough as he was,” said Paul Silas, a three-time champ as a player who was a Knicks assistant and later Mason’s head coach in Charlotte.