Peter Guber Rumors

It’s the kind of economic reality that rival teams hope short-circuits this Warriors’ run, the last, great hope that the “Super Villains” core will be broken up. Except for one thing: Their Death Star, this 11-acre entertainment district that will help owners Joe Lacob and Peter Guber balance their books with concerts and shows, doesn’t have a fatal flaw. “It’s the absolute foundation for our success for – I would argue – decades to come, because it ensures that we’re going to be competitive financially with any other team in the league,” said Warriors president Rick Welts, who has spent recent years shepherding this project while navigating political minefields and, he estimates, taking part in more than 500 arena-related meetings. “Even under this new collective bargaining agreement, the numbers are getting kind of eye-popping, if they weren’t already, in terms of what it’s going to take financially to field a championship-caliber team. And I think our view is that it ensures this future for as far into the future as we can see.”
Executive board member Jerry West’s most recent contract with the Warriors is scheduled to expire this July, and as of yet there have been no serious discussions with owner Joe Lacob about an extension, both men told me recently. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any discussions–Lacob specifically said he planned to have a conversation with West soon–and West indicated that he knew that Lacob and co-owner Peter Guber had been very busy getting the San Francisco arena to the ground-breaking stage.