Peter Guber Rumors

How do you get people to go to a pro sports game? Peter Guber: It’s like making a franchise of Star Wars or Batman—in my case, Batman. When you build a franchise, the fans in a sense own the characters in the franchise. When you build a team, the fans have to own the team. I was always interested in sports, but I like the relationship between the players, the brand, the bond, the fans, the product and the experience when you put them all together—the brew you have is something quite unique.
We had a detailed discussion about the plans for the arena, the site lines, and Welts said that there are definitively no plans to house an NHL team there. That was an early decision–it’ll be built in NBA dimensions, not to fit both NBA and hockey, Welts said. We also had good conversations about Welts’ experiences working alongside Adam Silver in the NBA offices before Silver became commissioner, about what it’s like to work for Joe Lacob and Peter Guber and about the Warriors’ place in the market place.