Peter Guber Rumors

Executive board member Jerry West’s most recent contract with the Warriors is scheduled to expire this July, and as of yet there have been no serious discussions with owner Joe Lacob about an extension, both men told me recently. This doesn’t mean there won’t be any discussions–Lacob specifically said he planned to have a conversation with West soon–and West indicated that he knew that Lacob and co-owner Peter Guber had been very busy getting the San Francisco arena to the ground-breaking stage.
Multiple sources indicated to me that West might be intrigued by an offer from the Lakers, but he also feels very connected to the Warriors’ quest for championships. West, one of the greatest executives of all-time from his Lakers and Memphis days, has been a vital part of the Warriors’ turn-around since joining the franchise in May 2011 as an executive board member and key front-office voice.
These were the San Francisco Warriors until 1972, when Oakland became their home on the other side of The Bay. Now, more than seven years after venture capitalist Joe Lacob and entertainment magnate Peter Guber headed a new ownership group that bought the team and made it clear from the start that they were San Francisco-bound, everything old is new again. And, as they see it, well-earned. “A lot of (the reaction) is relief, to get to this point, because this has been a hard, hard thing to do,” Lacob told USA TODAY Sports. “(It was) the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve been involved – over 30 years – in a lot of companies, and some went down, some succeeded, but this is a tough thing. I have great respect for any owner who gets a new stadium or arena done. It’s hard.”
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