Phil Jackson Rumors

“My first advice is to listen to your coaches,’’ Stoudemire said before the Knicks hosted the Lakers. “That’s the first advice. Because they’re the ones who will give you a true mindset, true information on what it takes to be great. If that’s your goal to be great, coaches are the ones who will get you there. Anyone on the outside, family, friends, media, you have to put that to the side. You have to focus on our craft and sport. Everything’s going to grow from there.’’
He turned down an opportunity to interview for the Knicks’ vacant head coaching position in the summer of 2016 but said he was pulling for the franchise. “Absolutely,” Walton said. “Not only (because of Jackson) but I played under Kurt Rambis for a lot of years, and there’s people out here that I wanted to see succeed. I love the triangle offense. I wanted to see that work. But for whatever reasons it didn’t.”
In the wake of the damage done by Phil Jackson on the Knicks franchise though, Scott Perry has picked up the pieces and after 24 games insisted he is not interested in tanking to facilitate a rebuild. “I think it’s very important if you’re playing meaningful basketball late into the season, just for again, the culture which you’re trying to build here,” Perry said. “I would also say wherever we end up in the draft, whether it’s on the playoffs side or the lottery side, whatever, I have extreme confidence in our scouting staff and our front office staff that we’re going to add some talented players to the mix here. But I just believe that it’s important to compete hard, do the very best that you can and then organically let that happen. The amount of wins and losses come out of that versus trying to put your team in a position not to win. I don’t think that’s healthy for any culture. I think if you try to, quote-unquote, institutionalize losing if you will, that’s hard to get out of your building. You may never get that out of your building. We just want to do the very best we can and we’ll live with the results.”
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