Phil Jackson Rumors

Ian Begley: Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who is close with Phil Jackson, was asked about Jackson’s tenure in New York. “I felt bad for the way things ended,” Kerr said. He believes Jackson did some good things in NY and the Knicks are on “a good path now.” Full quote:
Storyline: Knicks Front Office
Among the stories shared by Corgan was the time he and Rodman hopped on a billionaire’s private jet to Las Vegas following one of the Chicago Bulls’ games against the Utah Jazz in the 1996-97 NBA Finals. The pair stayed out all night gambling and then flew back to Utah the next morning so Rodman could attend a media session. “(It’s) 9 a.m., I’m sitting in the stands, I haven’t slept at all. They do the shootaround and Dennis walks up and says ‘Let’s go back,'” Corgan recalled. “… So after the morning shootaround, (Rodman) drove to the airport to fly commercial because now the billionaire’s not flying back again.” Corgan opted to stay behind and play miniature golf, where he ran into then-Bulls coach Phil Jackson. “Phil’s giving me the look of death because I’m the one responsible for Dennis going to Vegas. I’m the bad guy,” Corgan said. “And I’m thinking, ‘you don’t understand, I’m the one who told him not to go.'”
LeBron James paid a backhanded compliment to Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek for his newfangled, high-speed offense that’s not the triangle. And Hornacek didn’t tip-toe around the issue any longer, that former president Phil Jackson’s methodical system offense has been completely scuttled, though scouts say they still run some triangle actions on post-ups. “We’re not running the stuff we did last year with the mix of plays,’’ said Hornacek, whose club is off to a surprising 7-6 start and playing host to Utah on Wednesday. “Our guys are feeling comfortable with what we’re running. We’re going to get better at that. It’s a style most of those guys like to play. It makes it easier for them. Even in this system, there’s a lot of teaching we have to do. We have to continue to learn the little things that will make it easier especially in pressure times like (against the Cavaliers).’’