Phil Jackson Rumors

Rose said he maintained a workout regimen while on trial in L.A., and was eased mentally by the support from the Knicks. “I was talking to them along the way, every day, talking to if not Phil (Jackson), Steve (Mills), Joakim, some of the other players that reached out,” Rose said, “just letting me know that there was concern, wanting me back, so that took a lot of pressure off to ease my mind a little bit and just let me know that while I was working out, out there, I had to go harder because looking at some of the (preseason) games, it was looking like we were playing good basketball at some periods of the game, at certain times during the game and that excited me a little bit.”
Appearing on Shaquille O’Neal’s podcast in an episode that was released early Monday morning, Jackson spoke about the potential of this season’s team — which improved to 2-1 in the preseason with a 90-88 win over the Wizards at the Garden — and dismissed the struggles of the recent past as the fault of the previous administration. “We talked about, in our initial meeting [of camp], about the fact that this is all handpicked,” Jackson told O’Neal. “This is a handpicked team. They all fit together in a way in which — we haven’t had this opportunity since I’ve been in New York. A lot of it was we simply had players who were here because of the past administration. And this is the first time we had an opportunity to not only get players, but also have money to go out and solicit players off the free-agent market.”