Phil Jackson Rumors

Q – Okay. Let’s turn to the Knicks. There’s been a lot of criticism in the media about how ineffectively the team is running the triangle. Why is this so? Phil Jackson: Today’s players simply lack the skills to play the triangle. They know how to play one-on-one, catch-and-shoot, and they’ve mastered crossover dribbles, spins, playing off of screens and step-back shots. They don’t know how to execute things like inside-reverse pivots and other basic footwork. They have no sense of timing or organization. They don’t really know how to play five-on-five basketball. It’s strictly generational. That’s why Fish {Derek Fisher} wants to uptempo the offense. And why he spends a half-hour before practice doing lots of skills work.
While heaping major praise on the damage ex-Bulls Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah can do in New York despite their injury-riddled résumés, Thibodeau deflected any notion of being bitter that president Phil Jackson never dialed his number. Instead, Thibodeau, the U.S Olympic team’s assistant coach, jumped at the T’wolves job to become the franchise’s president of basketball operations/head coach — a dual position that was not available in New York.
He has former Knicks general manager Scott Layden and a lot of young talent to build something special in the Twin Cities, where he got his first assistant’s job in 1989 under legendary coach Bill Musselman. “I’m not going there,’’ Thibodeau said at UNLV after Tuesday’s Olympic training-camp practice. “I’m fine. I got the job I wanted. I’m happy. I wish them well.”
“The front office stepped up,’’ Anthony said. “It was a collective effort. They did their job and did what they had to do to make things happen. Now they’ve put us in the situation to give us an opportunity. All we have to do is take advantage of it. I want no credit. Phil and [general manager] Steve [Mills] did everything. “On paper, we look good, real good. It’s matter of everyone coming together and buying into what we want to do.”
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