Philanthropy Rumors

Houston Rockets guard James Harden is donating $100,000 to Texas Southern University and the funds will be designated toward scholarships for students in financial need. “For us, that’s amazing, given the population of students that we serve come from what I consider to be one of the lowest socioeconomic backgrounds in the city, if not, the state or the country,” said TSU president Dr. Austin Lane. “To have that kind of an opportunity from someone like James Harden, who can help further the educational careers of those students and help their dreams come true, is just phenomenal to be able to have that kind of support from a local icon like him.”
Crawford’s mother, Venora, says she was pushing her son put on the clinic. “The most important mission was to give back to the community, not charge anything, and helps the kids develop, consistency, confidence.” It’s a family affair, with Venora on site and Jamal’s sisters Lisa and Lori helping to deliver water and facilitate camper needs. Lisa and Lori helped raise Jamal. Lori says it’s just another example of her brother’s character. “Everything he does to give back, he does it for the 206.” Erica Davis would even include the 509. She brought her son Jadan over to participate in the camp.
Those shoes from this camp aren’t going to last long. They’re being included in a backpack giveaway at Liberty Park in Renton, another of his philanthropic efforts. So why continue to do this year after year, when most NBA players are spending time doing other things? “Me and my wife, helps me as a lot as well, she does a good job balancing me and identifying things we need to focus on,” he said. “Seeing these kids – and what they’re going through, how they’re surviving and thriving, is very inspiring.” “We’re just trying to do the best we can do,” Crawford says. “Home is where the heart is, and for me, I feel like I owe Seattle everything.”
The 31-year-old shooting guard is a free agent waiting for his next NBA opportunity. In the meantime, Morrow was more than happy to accept an invitation to March of Dimes’ Sports Headliner Award Banquet on Friday. According to March of Dimes, the banquet honors “athletes, coaches and teams who have taken center stage and brought national attention to the state of Oklahoma.” Including Morrow, some of the biggest names in Oklahoma sports were honored Friday night, from OU basketball newcomer Trae Young to OSU wrestler Dean Heil, a two-time NCAA champion.
This year, the Jameses announced the radical step of establishing an entire new public elementary school for students identified as at-risk. It’s a powerful experiment that bucks the charter school–heavy trend of public education, radically proposing to give more to the students who have the least—as his “uncle” has noticed. “When you can change a kid’s life for the better, you’re accomplishing something great,” says Buffett, a well-known cheerleader for public schools. “With LeBron, it comes from the heart, and it comes from having been there.” Michele Roberts is the head of the National Basketball Players Association, where James is on the executive committee. “He could write the checks and fund all the programs and not make an appearance,” Roberts says, “and no one would say a word. But he actually does believe that by the force of his personality, he can inspire young people—because he comes back. He talks to them. He keeps track. His engagement is phenomenal.”
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