Philanthropy Rumors

Cousins was at Sacramento High School on Wednesday, working up a sweat and having fun with over 200 children for the DeMarcus Cousins Elite Skills Camp, which was free to all youth who registered and included an eye exam from VSP and glasses for those who need them. “Just because I’m gone it doesn’t mean the relationships end,” Cousins said. “I still care for these kids, what’s best for them and I’m going to stick to my word.”
A native of Mobile, Ala., Cousins saw a bit of himself in those communities. He regularly attended sports events at Sac High and Grant High School, and the students embraced an NBA star who was a lot like them. “That’s exactly what it is,” Cousins said. “These kids grew up similar to how I grew up, people in my neighborhood. So there’s automatically a connection there. I understand these kids and I think they understand where I come from, my message and what I’m trying to deliver to them. I think they’ve received it over the years, I think they’ve grown over the years as athletes, as people, as human beings and that’s what it’s about.”