Philanthropy Rumors

The Rockets will introduce a “First Shot” before every home game, beginning with Saturday’s home-opener, with a celebrity selected to take the night’s first shot and Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta making a charitable donation based on the accuracy of each night’s shooter. Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins, who played seven games with the Clemson basketball team, will be the first celebrity to participate, Fertitta said on Friday.
Taking part in the team’s annual Flashes of Hope Big Shots and Little Stars, James was caught on camera playing with his “little star,” Kaleia, just prior to hitting the runway at the event, which raises awareness and funds for pediatric cancer research. Between both the Cavs’ and James’ official Twitter accounts, the post received more than 15,000 retweets and 79,000 likes in less than 24 hours.
“Kind of two things, to be honest,” James said of his takeaways. “It’s sad. It’s sad when kids that young have illnesses like that. And for what reason? Why? They didn’t have no control over it. And it’s sad. Obviously we hope for all of them to be as strong as they can and to make through whatever they’re going through and that is always the hope for the prayers and everything and we want that. We want that for all our little stars from last night. But it just sucks that they have to go through anything like that. Some of them had to leave the event last night and go back into the hospital. That’s never — our little kids and our little stars, we never want that for them. So it’s sad. When I left the event, I was sad. The whole event, I was sad that something like that — they have to go through that.”