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Scott, who is vacationing in the Philippines, got a chance to discuss Clarkson among other topics during an appearance at the broadcast panel of the PBA’s “Manila Clasico” offering on Christmas Day. “I think Jordan has a great chance to be a great basketball player,” Scott said in a televised conversation with Sev Sarmenta, Quinito Henson, and Dominic Uy. “One of the reasons is his work ethic.”
Clarkson has also expanded his support for the youth in the Philippines—his biological mother, Annette, is half Filipino—and grown his basketball camps to four locations this past summer: in Beijing, China; Surabaya, Indonesia; Taguig, Philippines; and Corona, Calif., where he partnered with the local Boys & Girls Club. For each of his camps, which cater to ages 8-17 and emphasize skills development and positive reinforcement, he sponsors a significant number of children who are unable to attend due to economic hardship. “I love doing the basketball camps, especially for all the little kids—just trying to give them experience that I have had,” he said.
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Eleven National Federations are participating in a workshop on the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 and its bidding process. The national basketball governing bodies of Argentina, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Turkey are attending an informative workshop at the House of Basketball. Over the course of two days (Tuesday-Wednesday 1-2 November), FIBA is presenting the rights and requirements tied into bidding – and eventually hosting – the competition.
While his case was being investigated, Griffin lost a “substantial” offer to join a team in the Philippines, according to his agent, Seidel, and in the weeks since Griffin’s case was thrown out interest in him, both globally and abroad, has been lukewarm, at best. “It just goes to show you that teams, they don’t want to mess with it,” Seidel said. “It becomes toxic. In the basketball world, absolutely everybody knows. When I say everybody, I mean any market that I put his name out, they know. That goes from China to Italy, and it’s difficult to overcome that, even though it’s been proven that he had absolutely nothing to do with it.”
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