Playoffs Rumors

The C’s need Horford’s versatile defense, and they need his post-up ability. That’s why they’re leaning on him as much as they possibly can during this series. And thanks to that old-fashioned recovery plan, Horford believes that he’ll be able to stand up to the task. “It’s obviously hard on the body,” said Horford, “but it’s part of the reason I feel like Coach has managed our minutes all year, for this situation.” Horford added, “This is go-time. It’s the Playoffs. This is what you play for. I’m just happy to have this opportunity.”
Green, who made the All-Star team for his for his third straight season in February, knows that he’s one of the best defensive players — if not the best — on the court at all times. And his opponents know it too. “Teams still don’t want me in their action,” Green said. “They’re still wanting me out on the pick-and-roll and trying to get me away from the play. I still know I can take the game over defensively on any given night.”
Adebayo played 21 minutes in his playoff debut, scoring six points and grabbing one rebound. Coach Erik Spoelstra used Adebayo in his center rotation with Kelly Olynyk as starting center Hassan Whiteside logged just 12 minutes. “He’s playing and he’s contributing,” Spoelstra said. “He doesn’t get sick at sea. It’s not the same in college, but he’s been in some big-time situations before. It’s how you manage emotions and focus on only the task at hand and he does that very well.”