Poland Rumors

During a reception following the royal couple’s lunch with Polish President Andrzej Duda, Gortat said he shook the prince’s hand and chatted with him for a few minutes. Their conversation included Premier League talk, with Gortat asking Prince William whether he’s more of a Manchester United or Chelsea fan. (The future king is an Aston Villa supporter because when he got into football as a kid, he didn’t want to be like all of his friends.) More importantly, Gortat invited Prince William to a Wizards game. He probably should’ve clarified he meant basketball, not Quidditch.
Eleven National Federations are participating in a workshop on the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 and its bidding process. The national basketball governing bodies of Argentina, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Serbia and Turkey are attending an informative workshop at the House of Basketball. Over the course of two days (Tuesday-Wednesday 1-2 November), FIBA is presenting the rights and requirements tied into bidding – and eventually hosting – the competition.
“He’s much more known than I am,” the ambassador of Poland said Saturday, while watching Wizards center Marcin Gortat. “I used to call him another ambassador for Poland here in the United States.” I was talking to the actual Polish ambassador — that would be Ryszard Schnepf, for those not up on your current European ambassadors — because it was Polish Heritage Night at the Wizards game. This is nothing new, of course; Gortat has previously sponsored two other Polish Heritage Nights here in Washington, and even more back in Phoenix. He meets with Polish groups on the road, talks about Polish causes regularly, and uses his Twitter feed both to mock his haters and to tweet with Polish athletes and fans.
Gortat called it “a huge day for me, a very important day for me.” He shook dozens of hands, posed for photos, spoke at length with members of the Polish media, and addressed hundreds of Polish fans. Again, this is nothing new; “it’s not my first rodeo,” Gortat said, referencing his previous Polish nights. The Polish fans and friends of Gortat crowding around the center before and after the game were less restrained. “You can see that there are many people, they want to demonstrate their emotional link with Poland,” the ambassador said. “Millions of people in Poland are following his career here as a symbol of success.”