Poland Rumors

“The two things I’m quite sure we have big advantage over the United States: women, we have the most beautiful women … I mean beautiful and smart and good culture, most of them come from good houses,” he said, of Poland. “And the second thing is food. We have a lot of farmers. “We have a lot of healthy food, I think the numbers show in the United States that 50% of the people in the U.S. are overweight, so back in Poland that’s impossible — I don’t think we have 25% even.”
He’s also, as he showed when sending Polish food to the NBA on TNT crew after Shaquille O’Neal declared that pierogies were sausages, determined to bring a bit of his homeland to the United States. “It goes both ways,” he said. “The good part about being an international guy on the team is people can learn where’s Poland and things from my culture and obviously I’m learning everyday about American culture. Obviously there’s a few guys on the team that have no clue where’s Poland. People were saying Africa …” Wait, who was saying it was in Africa? “What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room,” he grinned.
After being a major part of the Wizards’ push to the playoffs last season, the franchise seemed determined to keep him, sending Wizards coach Randy Wittman and the general manager to Poland in the off-season to negotiate. “I spoke with a lot of players and they told me, ‘You can’t deny the love, if they love you so much you have to go with the team,’” Gortat said. “One thing I was just afraid of they were going to try to use this as a joker in the sleeve (and say), ‘Well, we went to Poland, now you got to sign with us.’ … But it never turned that way. It never did.”
Madrid will announce EuroBasket 2015 hosts on September 8. Croatia, France, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland, Israel and Turkey are on the list of possible host countries. The Board of FIBA Europe decided to relocate 2015 EuroBasket from Ukraine. The decision has been officially announced earlier. The situation in Ukraine has not changed drastically in the last months so the decision seemed inevitable.
Now the squad has been heartened by the news that their most important player, Marcin Gortat, is to join Poland on Sunday in Belgium, where they are facing Israel, the hosts and Italy in a warm- up tournament for the EuroBasket in Slovenia. The 2.11m pivot had been with Poland in July but travelled to the United States earlier this month so doctors could examine the metatarsal injury that he suffered in March while playing for the Phoenix Suns.
Marcin Gortat has taken permission to leave the training camp of the Polish national team for three weeks but, in principle, his participation at EuroBasket 2013 is not under question. The Polish center flew to the USA on Thursday to undergo medical tests, after completing the first stage of preparations for the EuroBasket together with the rest of the team, in Gdansk. “Physically, I feel better and better, the rehabilitation is going well, but I still feel the pain of the foot, even during training,” the 29-year-old big man said.
Lampe, speaking exclusively to fibaeurope.com, sent exactly this message of tranquillity to Polish fans: “Yes, I’m going to play,” he stated briefly but firmly, when asked whether he had considered his participation at the EuroBasket. There is hardly time to mention the recent developments concerning Gortat before the Caja Laboral Vitoria forward/center interrupts decisively: “He’ll play too,” he says firmly.
Polish basketball player Marcin Gortat who plays in the NBA – professional basketball league in North America, arrived to the Afghanistan where it awaits a busy summer – participation in the shares of traditional children’s camps, training sessions and matches with the representation and a trip to the military mission in Afghanistan. NBA basketball star Marcin Gortat has told Polish soldiers that they are true heroes, as, unlike the athletes competing in sports halls, they risk their lives to make life safer for others. Gortat added also that he was under the impression of the professional skills of Polish soldiers. He honestly approved that he had wriggled out of military service.
There’s a chance Rockets first-round pick Donatas Motiejunas could remain with his Polish team and presumably miss the entire NBA season. So says Lithuanian website BasketNet. The site managed to track down Motiejunas’ father and snag this quote (in yet another horrible example of Google Translate): This website “BasketNews.lt affirmed basketball dad Vidas Motiejunas. “Donate remain in Poland, because it has a contract until the end of the season and guided him. Not even thought about the NBA this season. N. is still young, before all eyes, “- site” BasketNews.lt “said Donato dad.