Politics Rumors

Barkley said: “Alabama is my home. It’s the greatest place in the world. I love my Auburn family – War Eagle to everybody. Hey, even you Roll Tiders, welcome too. If somebody told you guys, put this election in a movie script. No, I’m being serious. If somebody sent you this as a movie script, you would throw it in the trash. You’d say, ‘There’s no way possible this other dude could be leading in any polls.’ And I mean that sincerely.”
Stan Van Gundy, Steve Kerr and Greg Popovich are the NBA’s most outspoken coaches, not hesitant to voice their opinions on social issues and not concerned about any controversy that might result. “Steve and I have texted back and forth on several occasions when things come up, a lot of times to say, ‘Wow, wasn’t it great what Pops said!’ ” Van Gundy said Friday, before his Detroit Pistons faced Kerr’s Golden State Warriors at Little Caesars Arena.