Quin Snyder Rumors

In the past, I know Coach Quin Snyder has told you that he wanted to get you the ball more and now there are even more touches up for grabs. Have you two talked about the bigger role you’ll likely have offensively, and are you excited for that opportunity? Rudy Gobert: Yeah, we’ve talked about it a little bit. That’s just the way it goes; I’ve gotten better every year and my role offensively has increased every year. I’m going to make another step forward this year. I’m not a guy who was taking a lot [of touches] away offensively; I was getting my teammates open, getting them good looks, and then finishing at the rim. Now, I know I’ll probably be able to show even more.
Snyder and Rubio, by all accounts, are working together on creating their plan. “Since I was traded, I’ve talked to coach every week,” Rubio said. “He wants me involved in a lot of the decisions he’s making. “I’ve never been with a coach that talks and gets involved that much and asks for opinion from a player that much. He listens a lot,” Rubio said. “He wants me to work with him for a different type of plays, and that’s great for a player like me that likes to think, likes to know, and get involved with the different sets, and to see what some of the sets are because it has worked for me.”
The hard hat-toting Snyder left his message on a whiteboard in plain site for all the workers to see and can be viewed in the tweet below: To any having a hard time reading it, Quin’s message said the following: This is phenomenal. We are beyond grateful for your work. This partnership is in our team’s hands now. I will promise you we will work as hard as your team has and do our part. Go Jazz Building Something Special Built To Last Q.S.
Crews have been working almost around the clock over the past few months to finish the $125 million renovation of Vivint Arena by mid-September. On Wednesday, the Utah Jazz tweeted that head coach Quin Snyder toured the arena, where he wrote a message of gratitude and a pledge of hard work from his team to the Okland Construction workers who have been tasked with the big project.