Quin Snyder Rumors

Jazz coach Quin Snyder likes the Russell-Gobert comparison, especially in light of how crucial Russell was to his team’s success on the defensive end. “I think it’s a great comparison,” Snyder said. “I grew up watching Bill Russell when he was in Seattle even after Boston. I admire him on many levels. I’d like Rudy to continue to grow into the man that Bill Russell is too.”
February offered a glimpse of what Hayward could be: He scored 25.5 points on 18.1 shots per game (both career-highs for a month) with an effective field goal percentage of 58 (the third-most efficient scoring month of his career). I asked Hayward at All-Star Weekend if he’s capable of taking on that type of role over a full season. “I could,” he said bluntly. “I try to run what Coach Snyder has us run. Sometimes they need to me to score a little bit more. Sometimes within the flow of the game you don’t get as many looks. But I could.”
A team that’s presumably headed to the playoffs for the first time since 2012 was “crushed,” as Gordon Hayward described the 107-80 debacle, by a 25-win squad that is lottery-bound. “I think it’s hard to pinpoint one thing,” Snyder said. “We didn’t have energy. We didn’t execute. Usually we can make up for poor execution with a lot of energy. Sometimes if you don’t have great energy, you’re really tight and connected, but we just didn’t execute. We had no juice and the result wasn’t very pretty.”