RC Buford Rumors

Michael C. Wright: 76ers coach Brett Brown, a former Spurs assistant, on his return to San Antonio: “I wouldn’t say it’s difficult. You’re reminded of what you want. You get a little bit jealous. You want what they have. What they have has taken time. The culture they have built is amazing. When you look at world sport, I’ve lived overseas for 17 years, and coached in three Olympic games, and I see many things through not an insular lens. You see it whole, and I look at what they have done as it relates to global sport. You don’t sustain the annual success they have sustained without having amazing people. They have five Hall of Fame people. I will go to Springfield, Massachusetts five times I believe in Pop, Timmy, Tony, and Manu and I believe RC Buford. And their body of work over the duration that they’ve sustained it is amazing. It’s truly amazing. That is culture. So when I come here, it’s you want what they have, but it takes time. “