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Cuban disagrees with the notion that it is hurting the game’s entertainment value and told on Saturday morning that he believes fans actually feel more part of the game in hack-a-player situations, citing the example of fans getting on their feet to challenge an opposing player at the free throw line. Cuban also said hacking adds an element of intrigue. “Will they leave him in or leave him out?” Cuban said. “How do both teams feel about it? How will they foul? Is it a new creative way, or is it just chasing?”
Storyline: Hack A Shaq Rule
Howard has 11 technical fouls this season. He would receive a one-game suspension if he reaches 16. “No matter what they do, I have to make sure I stay composed, not for myself, but for my teammates,” Howard said. “I have to do a better job of that. But I’m passionate about winning. I’m emotional because I want to win. Sometimes, it shows. If I wasn’t emotional, if I didn’t care, it wouldn’t show. If I was just out there, allowing stuff to happen and you never see emotions out of me, then you could say, ‘He doesn’t care.’ I wear my emotions on my sleeve – on my shoulders.”
Tim MacMahon: Mavs owner Mark Cuban says that when he sees Dwyane Wade thinks about the Finals the Mavs lost to the Heat, not the title Dallas won in Miami. “I think about Jack Nees. I think about Bennett Salvatore,” Cuban said, naming a couple of retired referees. “I think about 937 free throws.” Added Cuban: “It’s the only Finals where you had other players asking if it’s fixed. But you know I don’t hold 10-year grudges.”