Referees Rumors

But referee Michael Smith blew his whistle under the basket and called a foul on Cousins, who had been trailing the play. Replays showed Cousins lightly putting his hand on Wade’s back, but not in a manner that would have altered his dunk attempt. Cousins and the rest of the Kings’ bench were incensed at the call. After the game ended, Cousins, who has a long history of losing his cool toward officials and opponents, used a different tactic in his remarks to the assembled media. “I think they made the absolute right call,” said Cousins, who finished with 42 points, going 16-for-28 from the field, while adding 14 rebounds and three assists. “Incredible job by the referee crew tonight. I don’t have a complaint in the world. I think they should get more recognition on how well they ref these games. I don’t think they get the credit they deserve. So kudos to them and I applaud them.”
3 days ago via ESPN
Storyline: Officiating Complaints