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Thoughts on the controversial Draymond Green groin kick? Karl-Anthony Towns: No, I don’t think he meant it. Anyone who knows Draymond knows he’s not like that. Draymond’s a fierce competitor, but that’s not his character. He was just trying to get a foul called, and it just so happened that he just swung and his arms and legs just happened to hit him there. It was not intentional whatsoever.
Storyline: Officiating Complaints
Silver, speaking in an interview with ESPN’s Cassidy Hubbarth on NBA Tonight, said with the focus of much of this season’s playoffs on the officiating and how it has affected the outcome of games, that the refs still get it right a “vast majority of the time.” “Roughly 90 percent — they get it right,” Silver said. “Now, of course, I’d like 90 percent to be 100 percent. And so would they. But what these reports also show, what fans already know is, human error is part of this game, and the best athletes in the world make mistakes. And coaches occasionally make mistakes. Officials do, too.”
Storyline: Officiating Complaints
Game officials have faced compounded controversy as a result of bad calls or non-calls in nearly every series of this season’s playoffs as the NBA’s “Last Two Minute Report” confirms what has often been made readily apparent not long after a play through TV and internet video, fueling a new round of headlines. “My goal is for it not to be a storyline. There’s no question about that,” Silver said. “And even if you ask our officials, their goal is to not be noticed.” The league releases a report on officiating after each game that has a margin of five points or fewer at the two-minute mark.
“Transparency is a key goal of mine,” Silver said. “And the nature of these LTMs — these ‘Last Two Minute Reports’ — is that it’s information we have already been sharing with our teams. They of course want to know if a particular play in the league’s view was correctly called. “And in part, not even necessarily because they accept the league’s view over theirs. But they want to understand the basics of why we’re making certain calls. And my sense is, the media and the fans want to have that same understanding. And they want to see if we’re being consistent.