Referees Rumors

Two days later, in a phone interview with For The Win on Tuesday before the Kings took on the Lakers, when asked why he thinks so many technicals are being called on him, Cousins called it “a process.” “I’m just trying to find a way, both sides are trying to figure it out,” Cousins said. “It’s gonna be more of a burden on my side. I’m just going to try to make it work and do what’s best for our team.”
Referees missed a potential game-changing foul call in the Detroit Pistons’ win over the Toronto Raptors yesterday, the National Basketball Association said Monday afternoon. In its daily Last 2 Minute Report, a review of the final two minutes of games decided by five points or less, the NBA says Marcus Morris should have been called for a shooting foul on with 3.6 seconds left. According to the report, “Morris grabs (DeMar) DeRozan’s jersey and makes contact to the body that affects his jump shot attempt.”
“I’ve accepted it, [explicit], they’re after me,” Cousins said. “Just play. Whatever happens, happens.” The All-Star big left the court and headed to the Kings locker room to take a deep breath. “I just tried to gather my thoughts, get myself together,” Cousins said following the game. “The last couple of days have been very frustrating for me. I’m looking for it to ease up at some point and it just doesn’t seem like it wants to or is going to happen.”