Rest Rumors

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich told the San Antonio Express-News this week that he understands Silver’s perspective, but suggested there are benefits to resting players that may work out for the league and its broadcast partners in the long run. “The league has to understand that the science of what we do is a whole lot more sophisticated than it used to be, and we have definitely added years to people,’’ said Popovich. “So, it’s a tradeoff: Do you want to see this guy in this one game or do you want to see them for three more years of his career? And do you want to see him through the playoffs because he didn’t get hurt?”
Fizdale is convinced that the league and experienced coaches will find a resolution that makes sense for all involved. “I grew up on the back end of old school — if you’re healthy, you play. But I also understand what some of these teams are looking at,” Fizdale said. “We’re paying these guys a lot of money. And teams are going to err on the side of protecting that investment. We’ve become engaged in the science, and it’s here to stay.”
Clifford said he’s had numerous conversations with Jordan and Ewing about the plusses and minuses of players taking time off when they are healthy enough to play. All three agree that players need to be on the floor if they are available. “I’ve had two or three dinners and conversations with (Jordan) and Patrick and they start talking about (resting players) and (Jordan) doesn’t understand it. Nor does Patrick,’’ Clifford added. “Their thing is, that’s why you play. You train all year to play those 82 games.’’