Rick Adelman Rumors

When World Peace was dealt to Sacramento, he played for coach Rick Adelman, whom World Peace called a “basketball father figure” and said taught him how to be a teammate. “Rick, that really changed my life,” World Peace said. “That’s when my turning point was.” And as he started to look back on his time with the Pacers, World Peace said he realized, “I was there, but I had no control. It was like now I realized, ‘Oh, wow, what a f—ing d—head.’”
1 year ago via ESPN
Though the list of NBA coaching vacancies grows by the day, plenty of former head coaches, current assistants and established college coaches are available. Divac, who sought advice from former Kings coach Rick Adelman during the Sleep Train finale, also plans to seek recommendations from mentors Gregg Popovich and Jerry West. “Definitely a long process,” Divac predicted. “It’s a very important decision for us. We have to take the time and talk to as many people we can.”
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