Rick Barry Rumors

Rick Barry still has come bragging rights over Curry with free-throw shooting, though. Though Curry (90.3) has a lead over Barry (89.6) in all-time free-throw shooting percentage, Curry fell short this season in eclipsing Barry’s franchise record for most consecutive free-throws made (60) after converting on his first 52 attempts. “That’s the only part of the game you can be selfish and help your team. Free throws are key,” Barry said. “You win a lot of games if you make your free throws. That’s why the Warriors are so dangerous. They’re an indefensible team when their guys are on. They have three players who can shoot the three, drive to the basket and are great free-throw shooters. How do you shut that down? You can’t. You just can’t.”
Tell the Warriors’ legend that Golden State (44-14) no longer remains the favorites to win their third NBA championship in four years after going 4-4 before the All-Star break and falling a half game behind the Houston Rockets (44-13) for the Western Conference’s top seed. “How can you predict now? It’s the All-Star break,” Barry told Bay Area News Group. “You can do some predictions in April. Now you have some ideas on who might win and who might not win. But the reality is if the Warriors play their best basketball offensively and defensively in a seven-game series, nobody is going to beat them. It’s that simple. Nobody is as good as they are when they are playing their best.”
Tell him the Warriors are not playing at their best because they feel the fatigue stemmed from appearing in three consecutive NBA Finals. Or that the Warriors’ ailments simply stem from needing to recharge during the NBA All-Star break. “It’ll be a great opportunity to go ahead and reenergize a little bit and get a little bit of time off. But I still find it difficult to hear how they’re tired. I’m hearing how guys are tired. Tired of what?” Barry asked incredulously. “They don’t play. The most that anybody plays is 36 freaking minutes. They travel on charter planes. I listen to all this stuff and I’m thinking, ‘Oh my god. These guys would probably be crying if they had to do what we had to do.’ It doesn’t make any freaking sense. How can you be tired playing 36 minutes a game under the circumstances they play with staying in beautiful hotels, getting fed right, getting a dietician and being on charter planes and all of the other stuff they have? I don’t even like to hear it. It’s ridiculous.”
Hall of Famer and Warriors legend Rick Barry wishes the scrutiny of President Trump would just come to an end. “It’s a disgrace to the world, to our country, what they’re doing (to Donald Trump),” Barry told USA Today on Sunday. “The scrutiny that he’s going under is absurd. It’s ridiculous. Politics has always been horrible and it’s even worse now than it was. What’s going on now is reprehensible.’’
Barry, whose political views are in stark contrast with some current Warriors, including Stephen Curry and coach Steve Kerr, would also like to see the federal investigation into Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential election come to an end. “How long does it have to go on?’’ Barry said. “I mean, come on, they beat a dead horse. Let’s move on. Let’s try to go and do what’s good for the country.’’
Remember Rob Parker? No? That’s probably a good thing. He was the journalist and regular on First Take who was fired by ESPN for calling Robert Griffin III a “cornball brother.” Yeah, that guy. Well, he’s still pumping out ridiculous hot takes, now for FS1 and Fox Sports Radio. He got into a particularly heated debate with Hall of Famer and NBA legend Ricky Barry about LeBron James’ decision to pass to a wide-open Kyle Korver in the final minute of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, which culminated in Barry calling Parker a loser before hanging up the phone.
Hall of Famer Rick Barry knows a thing or two about the NBA. He seems to keep up on it, and he’s even called LeBron James the greatest small forward to ever play the game. Barry is strong-willed, and his opinions rarely come with any flexibility. That’s why it probably won’t shock you to learn that, during a radio hit with Fox Sports Radio’s Rob King this week, Barry got so infuriated with King’s interpretation of LeBron James’ pass to Kyle Korver that he hung up on him. Barry, adamant that James made the right call with 52 seconds left in Game 3, passing to Korver for an open 3-pointer. Korver missed, and the Warriors went on to win, 118-113.