Rick Barry Rumors

Eight-time NBA All-Star and Hall of Fame basketball player Rick Barry joined me on the Bald Faced Truth radio show on Wednesday (12-3p on 750-AM and 102.9-FM) and downloaded on the problems he sees in the NBA, his persona, and the Trail Blazers (15-21) woes this season. Barry specifically talked about the line of hungry Blazers players from last season who were rewarded with long-term guaranteed contracts and now aren’t playing with the same success.
“I think it’s about the character of the players,” Barry said. “It shouldn’t matter how much money you’re making. You should have great personal pride to be happy with yourself and give your best effort and be the best you can every time you step on the court. Obviously, they misjudged the character of these individuals that if all of a sudden they’re getting paid these contracts and are not going to give the effort… they screwed up.”
Here’s a revelation in the ongoing saga of Andre Drummond’s free-throw shooting: Rick Barry, the noted under-handed foul shooter of the 1970s, offered to help. Stan Van Gundy confirmed the news Tuesday, saying Barry, a career 89 percent free-throw shooter, reached out to him over the summer as the Detroit Pistons mulled over what to do with their struggling All-Star center.
Drummond, who shot an NBA-worst 35.5 percent at the line in 2015-16, ultimately nixed the idea and went the route of virtual reality. He’s shooting a career-best 44.7 percent this season. “Everything was considered, but he wasn’t as receptive,” Van Gundy said. “You don’t really want to do things guys aren’t receptive to. “He’s made a significant improvement from last year. The guy’s up 10 percent. That’s a huge improvement. That’s certainly nowhere near where you want it. You certainly don’t want it below 50, but I think expecting him to go from 35 last year to 60 right away is probably an unrealistic expectation.”
DeAndre Jordan ain’t into grannies … at least when it comes to free throws … ’cause the L.A. Clippers star says he’ll never shoot his free throws granny style … meaning underhanded. There are some who think DeAndre should change his free throw style to the Rick Barry underhand swag to improve on his putrid 42% career number. Barry has come out in the past and offered to show DeAndre the secret to his style … but when we got DJ out at L.A. hot spot Catch Monday night he made it clear … it ain’t ever happening.
Several members of the Warriors organization spoke Saturday about Thurmond in a team release: Rick Barry former Warriors player and Hall of Famer: “Nate was one of the greatest centers to ever play the game and I was privileged to call him a teammate and dear friend. He battled his illness until the very end, like a true Warrior. His legacy is one of passion, fierce competitiveness, a love of basketball and selfless devotion to others. My heartfelt prayers go out to his family, friends and fans.”