Rick Carlisle Rumors

“I think we can be a better defensive team, because of Bogut, and I think we’ll be a more physical defensive team from top to bottom. And then it’s going to come down to style,” Carlisle explained. “You know, at this point and time, everything is on paper, and we’re really going to have to look closely in terms of what’s the right style of play for this team. Whether it is going to be continuing to be a real up-tempo, fast-paced type of team, or is it going to be a little more of a medium-tempo type of team? We’ll see. But I think we’re going to have the option to play different ways, which is a very important thing to have.”
“I think it could be quite different,” Carlisle said in a recent interview with 103.3 FM ESPN. “You know, at this point, I don’t know that for sure. We’ll have to see. We’re more physical. You know, Parsons was a guy that is a different kind of player than Barnes, and Parsons was a very good ball-handler and playmaker. You know, I think Barnes can develop into a playmaker, but that has not been his DNA and that has not been what’s been asked of him in Golden State. What I found spending five days in the gym working out with him is that he’s a better ball-handler than most of us would expect, but we’re going to have to ease him into those situations and just kind of go from there.”
“You know, he’s a developing young player that’s getting better all the time,” Carlisle said while praising Powell’s work ethic last season. “Your first two years in the NBA you’re going to go through a lot of ups and downs. There’s going to be times you feel like you have it figured out, and then you get smashed in the face. That’s just how it is. That’s how it was when I played in the league, but he always learns from the tough stretches. He’s a guy with great energy, and he goes extremely hard. He’s really loved by all his teammates. And I’m very happy for him that he was named to the Rising Stars Game, because he deserves it.”
John Jenkins: I kind of expected [to be waived] when that time came because we were so guard heavy, and my contract likely meant that I was going to be the one to get cut. I had gotten some heads up, maybe three days before, but even still I wasn’t completely ready for that to happen. After my last game with the Mavericks, Coach Rick Carlisle told me to stand up and said a bunch of great things about me in front of the team. That was really cool of him. Then, a day later, I was waiting for the waiver period to pass to see if my contract would be cleared and if I’d become a free agent. Then, I was told by my agent that Coach Carlisle called the Phoenix Suns on my behalf and spoke highly of me. He looked out for me big time and I really appreciate that. I guess Phoenix liked what they saw from me when we played them in the preseason. [Editor’s Note: Jenkins averaged 19.7 points in 28.4 minutes for Dallas in the preseason]. They saw what I could do and they gave me a chance. That’s how I got here and I’m happy to be with the Suns now.”