Rob Pelinka Rumors

Among the first topics discussed in an hour of conversation was the latest acquisition made by the front office, veteran big man Andrew Bogut. “There was an analytic that the front office ran that said our team last year had one of the lowest percentages in stopping other teams at the rim,” Pelinka explained. “Teams would get by us on the perimeter and finish at the rim. So we addressed that with a guy like Andrew Bogut, who can come in and be a paint protector. I think the roster is retrofitted for better defense.”
Rob Pelinka, Bryant’s former agent who is now the Lakers General Manager, relayed the story at an ESPNLA event. According to Pelinka, who still has the telegram, it read: “Kobe, as you make this decision, never bet against me winning championships.” According to Pelinka, Bryant read the note from Buss, who was out of town on vacation, and knew that he simply couldn’t leave the Lakers. Over the years Buss had proven that he could build championship-level teams, and if Bryant wanted to win, there was simply no better place to be.
The league’s investigation found that Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka and George’s agent, Aaron Mintz, had discussions in which George’s name came up and Pelinka offered a “prohibited expression of interest” to Mintz. The finding comes off a little like a state trooper pulling over a single car for speeding when the flow of traffic is all pushing 80, or the NCAA targeting a specific program for a probe while infractions run rampant among all its competitors in the conference in which it plays. That is to say, if there is a rule in place that can’t be universally enforced, those who do get caught for breaking it end up as almost sympathetic characters in a way.
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