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As she told Howard Beck of Bleacher Report on “The Full 48 with Howard Beck,” she is also pleased with how much more of a coherent and committed plan for the future that Pelinka and Johnson seem to have: “I have complete faith in them because everything they do is thoughtful and thorough. What was uncomfortable for me previously, was, we were going through coaches every 18 months. When you have a coach that’s really defensive-minded and you’re building a roster for him, and then let him go, and now you bring in the most offensive coach, he’s going to want a completely different roster. You can’t have that every 18 months, changing coaches and going in all these different directions. Those were the kind of moves that never made sense to me, because I couldn’t get a straight answer. In this environment, I understand their thought process. I understand the work that they’re doing in looking in every corner and trying to figure out what makes sense for us.”
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But the casual fan might not understand Pelinka is no rookie in the trade game. Agents often are the lead brokers on trades behind the scenes, trying to serve many puppet masters besides their clients. “I’ve been involved in many, many trades,” Pelinka acknowledged. He will also acknowledge that researching trade scenarios is among the more fun aspects of both his former job and current job—particularly given how his mind works. “My favorite class in high school was my AP [Advanced Placement] Calculus class; I love solving problems,” Pelinka said. “This is like putting together a complicated puzzle. It is; it’s fun. The misnomer is that people and fans may think a general manager spends 95 percent of his time thinking through trades, but you don’t get to do that all day long.”
Two weeks before the trade deadline, you joined me on The HoopsHype Podcast to discuss the rumors that had surfaced. But walk me through what that Thursday was like for you and how you found out that you were being dealt to the Cavaliers. Larry Nance Jr.: We were playing the Thunder that night. Well, the Lakers were playing the Thunder that night, so I was getting ready to head to shootaround. It was about 9:15 a.m. Like everyone else, I was following Woj (Adrian Wojnarowski) and had the tweet notifications set up just in case and just to find out what kind of stuff was happening. I had just woke up and I was going to wash my face, when I got the update that the Cavs and Lakers were in serious trade talks. I thought, “Oh? I don’t know who that could involve, but we’ll see.” Not even 30 seconds later, I got a call from [Lakers general manager] Rob Pelinka and Luke Walton and Magic Johnson were in his office with him. They all broke the news to me and told me that I was going to Cleveland. That’s how it happened.
Ohm Youngmisuk: Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka make it clear that Isaiah Thomas will play for the Lakers and they can envision IT playing alongside Lonzo Ball for long stretches. Magic says Ball is “our starting point guard. That hasn’t changed but we also value what IT can bring to this team — scoring punch” and emphasizes it’s about how many minutes guys play, not who starts. Magic says Thomas can mentor Ball too.
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