Robert Sarver Rumors

Sarver previously made a failed bid to buy another European soccer team, the Rangers franchise of Glasgow, Scotland, for nearly $30 million. Without discussing details of the Levante proposal — which European media sites have pegged at around $60 million — Sarver said he enjoys soccer and sees long-term business opportunities in the sport. Sarver’s investor group reportedly includes former Suns all-star Steve Nash and the team’s vice chairman, Andy Kohlberg.
Hornacek has an ideal relationship with the front office, regularly meeting after practices and games and sharing the same philosophies. It will be interesting to see whether management wants to pick up Hornacek’s 2016-17 contract option year and can convince Managing Partner Robert Sarver to do so. It would show their belief in him before next season, his contract’s last guaranteed year.
A sampling of activities for which Barnes has been suspended and/or fined while treating his teammates like family: Fighting Rafer Alston (2008), chucking a ball in the stands (2009), criticizing referees (2010), escalating a fight between Jason Terry and Steve Blake (2011), fighting Greg Stiemsma (2013), failing to leave the court in a timely manner (twice; 2013), kicking a water bottle into the stands (2014) and talking to fans/cursing at Suns owner Robert Sarver(2015). Amount in fines Barnes estimates he’s paid to the NBA during his career: About $500,000. What Barnes thinks would have happened if it had been him, and not James Harden, who “accidentally” kicked LeBron James in a sensitive region of the anatomy in a game in February: “I’d be put in jail. Or at least suspended for several games.”
Suns players have said they’ve missed Frye. Last week, Suns owner Robert Sarver told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM that the Suns might not be better off in the short term without Frye. But Sarver added the Suns might be better off in the long term because Frye’s absence has allowed younger players to play. Sarver also said Frye didn’t give the Suns an opportunity to match Orlando’s four-year contract offer. “To be honest with you, we didn’t really even have a chance,” Sarver told the radio station. “He had mentioned he was interested in coming back, and then when he was talking to Orlando, he just called and said, ‘Hey, you’ve got three minutes to match this offer.’ And we just let him go. To be honest with you, Channing was a good piece of what we did, but I think we’re better off now without him because it allows these younger guys to play.”