Rome Rumors

MLive: Other than basketball, what was the coolest part about playing in Italy that year? Jennings: Just being able to travel, going to other countries. At that time, I was still only 18 so to be able to able to go to the Spanish Steps, go to the Coliseum. I did my first national commercial ever in Italy. So it was dope. MLive: What was the coolest sight you saw? Jennings: The Coliseum. I was out there all day with Under Armor doing a commercial so I was just soaking all that in.
MLive: If they made a movie about your life, who would star in it? Jennings: If they made a movie about my life who would star in it? Denzel Washington would probably be a person that stars in it. My girlfriend in the movie would probably be Halle Berry. And who would be me? I’ll just play myself. MLive: Twenty years from now, what do you see yourself doing? Jennings: I see myself retired, becoming a businessman, making money outside of basketball and just living. I just want to be left alone, chilling. Smoking my cigars and just chilling.
When the teams met last month in an exhibition at Fenway Park (Roma beat Liverpool, 2-1) it was revealed Garnett had been excluded from financial involvement with Roma. The NBA blocked the move because AS Roma’s principal investor is Celtics part-owner James Pallotta. “If you enter into a business agreement with the owner of a team that doesn’t involve playing service, there are potential problems,” a league source said. “Maybe not in this case. But there is a chance of, say, making a contract a lot larger.”
Bargnani also has high hopes of having regular-season NBA Europe games permanently in the future – which would include a five-team mini- league. Something that NBA Commissioner, David Stern has said will be ‘inevitable.’ The Raptors’ star, who is averaging 21.8 ppg, before tonight’s historic encounter, would love his birthplace of Rome to have a franchise. “It would be great for Rome to have a franchise, but as for playing man, I’m with Toronto,” Bargnani clarified. “To organize something like that though, with all the traveling and stuff, it will be very complicated. But the NBA wants to stage this as a permanent feature, and it would be great, but I hope Rome would get a spot.”