Ryan McDonough Rumors

During last summer’s pre-draft workouts, Suns General Manager Ryan McDonough noticed something. Whether it was 2-on-2 or 3-on-3 competition, Tyler Ulis’ team always seemed to win. “From what I remember, he won as much as anybody we had in last year’s pre-draft process, which for us is about like 75-100 players,” McDonough said Monday. “He seemed to win everything, and that’s been a habit throughout Tyler’s career.”
“Any time you watch a game Tyler’s involved in he stands out, first and foremost, because of his size,” McDonough said. “He looks different than the other guys, especially if you’re watching the McDonald’s All-American game or one of the high school games. You’re immediately drawn to him, but as you study him further you’re able to see all the special things he does in terms of vision, the feel for the game and the quickness. He really is a unique player.”
Ryan McDonough: If we can find either draft picks or players between 19 and 27 that fit within the core of our group that we think will be able to add to what we’re doing stylistically, we’ll look at that. We’re still below the salary cap. We have about $13 million to $14 million in cap space. We’re still 3 to 4 million below the salary floor, even, so we have the option and potential to take on more money in a contract, especially an expiring contract, if it’s incentivized with a draft pick or young player. We’ll look at those opportunities as well.
Ryan McDonough: P.J. Tucker does have a lot of interest around the league, as you would imagine, especially from contending teams or teams that want to solidify themselves as playoff teams. But we really value P.J. What we’re going to do over the next week, I don’t know, but he’s certainly a guy who’s played well for us and we have some interest in playing for us beyond this year as well.
Storyline: PJ Tucker Trade?
Ryan McDonough: In terms of trading for an elite player, you obviously need young players on rookie-scale contracts that are team favorable, draft picks and cap space. And we have kind of an abundance of all three. We’re to the point now – I don’t know if we’re the first team that these other teams with star players that they’re thinking about moving call but we’re among the first. We’re on the short list of teams that have players, picks and cap space to put together a package that would be attractive for that. Those are things we’ll certainly look at over the next week.