Ryan Saunders Rumors

How much time did you spend with Saunders? Towns: “A lot. I was talking to him a lot. We sat down a lot, but we didn’t sit down as much as I wished I could have. I spent a lot of time with his son (Ryan Saunders, a Timberwolves assistant coach). I just did everything that I can to make sure that I played as hard for him [Flip]. I was so emotional at the end of the game, because I just remember promising him that I wanted to bring as many wins to this franchise as I can and as much as this franchise can hold. I’m just happy I started my promise out right tonight.”
When he reached junior-high school and became a Wolves ball boy, Saunders spent countless hours shagging missed shots for a young star who on Thursday returned to the franchise that drafted him 20 years ago. Garnett still is its all-time leader in games played, minutes played, rebounds, steals, blocked shots and points, and all by a large margin. “Outside of my mother and father, I learned more from him on how to carry yourself, how to be a professional and how to be disciplined in life,” Saunders said.