Salah Mejri Rumors

Real Madrid has a team option on Mejri’s contract for next season, but reports in Spain suggest they may not exercise it. The Tunisian center, who was one of the biggest sensations in the Spanish League two years ago with Obradoiro, has not received much playing time this season at star-studded Real Madrid, who’s one of the top favorites to win the Euroleague next month. While Mejri is happy with the club, he would rather leave if there are no minutes available for him.
NBA teams interested in Mejri will have to compete with Euro teams for his services, though. Agent Bouna Ndiaye told HoopsHype they will test the Spanish and European market first – with Real Madrid reportedly in the lead now – and will only look at NBA options second. “I would be happy playing here with a Euroleague or Eurocup team too,” Mejri said. “But the NBA… That would be a dream.”
Now, at 26, the 2.17m center Salah Mejri wants to turn a childhood dream into reality and play in the NBA. Last week he had two tryouts with the New York Knicks, followed by another with the Denver Nuggets and one with the Dallas Mavericks. However, it’s with the Utah Jazz that he’ll be playing in a summer league in early July. “I am having such good feedback from coaches, which makes me even determined to move on,” Mejri said. “If I don’t make it now [to the NBA], because I am 26, I don’t think I will make it later.