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Joseph Horner‏: Same with Hayward. Interesting idea. – RT: Albert Nahmad: The power of the new designated veteran player rules will be in full display with Paul George this summer, even if he doesn’t make All-NBA. Pacers can give Paul George a DVP payout if gets All-NBA this season OR next season. By trading him, they’d lose 2nd major shot to keep him. Paul George has been an All-NBA player before. Making it again is not unrealistic. Which gives Pacers and trade partners lots to consider. Pacers need to decide whether they want to trade Paul George, who may not be able to pass up DVP money to stay if earns All-NBA next season. Even if Paul George requests a trade and says he won’t re-sign with the Pacers, he might reconsider if he has an extra $75M on the line!
The Pacers will know whether George, their franchise player, was voted on an All-NBA team before the draft, a source familiar with the league’s thinking told The NBA understood the problem and how it was not practical for teams to make decisions in the draft, or via trades, without all the information necessary. It’s not immediately clear when the All-NBA teams will be announced, but it will be before the draft.
The trouble with that is that it’s not until Monday, June 26th, four days after the annual NBA Draft. That’s a problem for teams as some player contracts are tied to league awards, which are voted on by approximately 100 media members from all NBA markets. Like Paul George, who qualifies for a super-max contract extension, known as the Designated Player Exception, if he lands a spot on one of three All-NBA teams for the second time in three years.