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But the team trading for Johnson would need to add $1.6 million to his cap hit the next two seasons, putting that annual cap hit at more than $20 million for the team trading for him. He said his agent, Austin Brown, smartly inserted that trade kicker to make it more difficult for a trade to be completed, because Johnson is happy with the Heat. Any attempt to trade Johnson would be driven by two financial motivators: 1. The desire to avoid paying a luxury tax if the Heat re-signs Wayne Ellington, re-signs Dwyane Wade or uses a midlevel exception. 2. To increase the chance of Miami having meaningful salary cap room in 2018 or 2019. Even if Johnson is dealt for an expiring contract, the Heat wouldn’t have much cap room in 2018 unless more salary is purged.
The Cleveland Cavaliers may have a $300 million roster next season if LeBron James remains with the franchise. When the dust settled following their sweeping trades last week, the Cavs put themselves in position to break records if they elect to keep their new core together. And, most importantly, if James elects to re-sign in Cleveland or simply pick up his $35.6 million player option for 2018-19.
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Storyline: LeBron James Free Agency
The Cavaliers will now see their luxury tax bill reduced from $43.1M to $40.8M, a savings of $2.3M. The Jordan Clarkson cap hit is $11.5M, $12.5M and $13.4M. Larry Nance Jr. is under contract for $1.5M and $2.3M. The Cavaliers now have $135M in guaranteed salaries next season, including the $35.6M LeBron James and $11M Iman Shumpert player option.
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