Salary cap Rumors

With the Thunder possibly looking to get under the luxury tax, there is a chance the team releases Singler altogether and stretches the remaining $9.7 million guaranteed on his deal. (The final season of his contract is non-guaranteed.) In the case of Singler, specifically, that would mean waiving him, then spreading out his cap hit to $1.4 million a year over seven years. Singer gets ’18 and ’19 salaries, either way. Merely how the cap number is distributed changes.
Storyline: Kyle Singler Buyout?
Keeping dead money on the books is never ideal, but stretching Singler would save the team about $3.3 million in cap room for 2017-18 and $3.6 million the following season. It’s a distinct possibility. And it leads to what could be a summer of waiting for Singler, though it’s worth noting the Thunder both publicly and privately laud Singler’s work ethic and attitude.