Salary cap Rumors

The NBA will keep its “one-and-done” rule with college basketball, retreating on its original desire to make college players wait two years after high school graduation to become eligible for the NBA draft, league sources said. Two-way contracts between the NBA and NBA Development League will offer teams the chance to add 16th and 17th roster spots, and pay players differently based upon their assignments in either the league’s minor league or as part of the parent team, league sources said.
Storyline: CBA talks
Time will tell if this year’s team is any good. Assuming there’s no change of heart by Miami’s medical staff about Bosh, the remaining $78 million that he’s due could — could — come off the Heat’s cap right around the All-Star break, roughly a year after he last played for Miami. But that’s contingent on Bosh not playing 25 games for another team, either this season or next. If he did, his yearly salary would go back on the Heat’s cap and make any big-money acquisitions impossible. If Bosh’s salary comes off the Heat’s cap in time for the summer of 2017, Miami could quickly be a player again in free agency. “You can always recruit people to come to Miami,” Whiteside said. “It kind of sells itself. So you know you’re always going to have a good team here.” But if not, the going will go slower.