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Yet there are two major reasons for the Warriors not to give him that raise: 1. Any raise Curry gets on his 2016-17 salary would need to come from cap space. The Warriors do have salary cap flexibility — enough, even to add Kevin Durant — doing so would be incredibly costly in luxury tax. That probably is fine when adding a player of Durant’s talent (assuming owner Joe Lacob signs off), but giving Curry a pay bump does not make the team better. It could make the team worse. At a $92 million NBA salary cap (the exact figure is not known yet), his maximum would be about $25.9 million, so the Warriors would need about $14 million in cap space to make it happen.
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2. Curry’s new contract would not run nearly as long as if he waits one year for free agency. A renegotiated extension can only be for a maximum of four seasons, and the renegotiated season counts, so a Curry contract this summer would go through the 2019-20 season while a five-year contract as a free agent next summer could give him security until 2021-22. Waiting also likely gives Curry a higher salary per season since the cap will rise again next year — especially if, as expected, the value of maximum contracts is increased in the 2017 labor renegotiations.
Why the year-by-year contracts? Maverick Carter: Because…um…money. The salary cap is going up. So you knew that would happen. Maverick Carter: Yeah, I mean everybody kinda did. The TV deal tripled, right? So the salary caps had to go up, too. It kicks in next summer. Last question: When people talk about pro athletes’ contracts, they always compare them with teachers’. “Why does LeBron make $90 million when a teacher in Cleveland gets $60K?” But the truth is that LeBron is making big corporations hundreds of millions of dollars. Maverick Carter: He should make at least that!
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There is, however, a waiting period before such a salary exclusion can be granted. If the player appeared in 10 or more games in a season — which Bosh did this season — the team cannot apply for the exception until the one-year anniversary of his last game. In this case, that would be Feb. 9, 2017. If Bosh were to return at any point prior to that, the clock obviously would reset on that waiting period. In any event, there is no opportunity for salary cap relief regarding Bosh’s contract this summer.