Salary cap Rumors

Albert Nahmad: Nurkic trade could be more beneficial than realized, with @BobbyMarks42 revelation that Harkless has $500K bonus for shooting 35%+ on 3s. To start the regular season, Blazers were at risk of paying the tax if Harkless earned that $500K bonus. They would’ve been $403K over. Harkless was last contract signed by Blazers this summer, so they gave him the $500K bonus knowing it could take them above tax. Then something odd happened: Harkless started shooting fairly well on his 3-pointers… This is where the Nurkic deal comes in… Blazers saved $407K against the cap by trading Plumlee for Nurkic, keeping them $4,462 below luxury tax even if Harkless earns his bonus. Blazers, for 16-17, secured a ~$550K tax distribution (and no payment) in Nurkic trade. More importantly, repeater tax clock doesn’t start! Blazers, for 17-18, exchanged a potentially costly RFA in Plumlee for $2.9M salary of Nurkic + now official Grizzlies 2017 1st in the trade. Did math contribute to trade idea for Blazers, or did it just happen to work out? Who knows. But Nurkic, despite injury, has fit very well!
Should Baynes opt out, and it’s expected he does, the most the Pistons could offer him would be $11.375 million per season, an 175 percent increase on his current salary. It’s believed he will be able to sign for more than that next season, especially with the NBA salary cap set to increase again for the 2017-18 season. “We have a lot of respect for him,” Van Gundy said. “He’s a guy that we obviously play really well with. And he’s a big part of what we’re doing now. We didn’t want to give him up.”