Sam Hinkie Rumors

The unpopular, non-trending, nuanced answer — the ice-cold take — is as follows: Both. “He did as good a teardown as you could possibly fathom,” an executive in the league told CBS Sports on Wednesday. “But it’s not that hard to tear down. To trade players for future picks and get a bunch of undrafted free agents and hope one sticks; that’s not that hard to do. So it’s OK to say [Hinkie] did a good job tearing down, but Bryan [Colangelo] is in a better position to build it up.”
Storyline: Sixers Front Office
Morey has been frequently equated with one of his former employees, recently resigned Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie, who was hired in Philadelphia after cutting his teeth in Houston. According to other executives around the league, that’s not an entirely fair comparison. Where Hinkie was fully committed to playing percentages and probabilities while building a team, Morey has had a more deft hand when dealing with agents and other general managers, and with the personalities on his roster.
Storyline: Daryl Morey Hot Seat?
“Daryl is a guy who can understand where you’re coming from and work out something, be creative, be tenacious, all of those things,” one NBA team executive told Sporting News. “He approaches things with a lot of imagination and understanding of how to make deals work for everybody. With Sam, he was doing his own thing all along. It could be like you were speaking two different languages sometimes. He knew what he wanted, he would tell you, and that was the beginning and the end of the conversation.”
The Sixers could have 16 draft picks in the next five years, while fielding a team that went a combined 47-195 in the previous three seasons. Last month, Sam Hinkie resigned as Sixers general manager and president of basketball operations amid mounting criticism of his approach. “Everybody has rigged the system. It wasn’t new what Philadelphia was doing,” said one Eastern Conference general manager. “It’s just that Sam was so brazen about how he went about it. He acted like he reinvented the wheel.”