Sam Hinkie Rumors

That’s why he ultimately decided to sign the one-year deal with Philly, saying that the opportunity to play with this young core was “too good” to pass up. “As these guys get older and get more experience, I think there’s an opportunity to make a leap and really be one of the elite teams not only the East, but in the NBA. That’s a credit to Sam Hinkie, Bryan Colangelo and to their owners.”
“I want Joel Embiid to know what I did,” he told me. “But I’m also pitted between Joel Embiid and my job. Not like it’s illegal what I did. You can’t even see it. But … I think I’m going to have to remain anonymous.” OK. What should we call you? “I’ll leave that to you,” he initially replied, then immediately came up with an answer: “Son of Sam.”
Rumors about Colangelo and others altering the building blueprint were being whispered all over town during construction. “[Bryan] came in and changed all kinds of stuff,” a team source told me. “I’d guess at least seven figures’ worth of changes. But everyone did. There were so many changes I would hear something crazy got changed and be like, ‘Yeah, sure, whatever.’”
He wants the Sixers to understand he wasn’t trying to be mean-spirited, and he’s hopeful that enough time has passed that Harris and Blitzer and Colangelo and the rest of the Sixers brass will chuckle. Maybe. But a team insider wasn’t so sure. That person said the higher-ups remain so sensitive about Hinkie and the Process that “it would not surprise me if, in a month’s time, we’re tearing out light fixtures.”
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