Sam Vincent Rumors

It’s a little late in Jackson’s 11-title legacy as a coach to start proving he can make decisions better than the front-office guys he’s loathed (Jerry Krause in Chicago) or lorded it over (Jerry West and Mitch Kupchak in L.A.). Jackson, through Sam Vincent, floated the same sweetheart deal a few years ago to run the Magic, occasionally from Orlando, although it never got anywhere.
The source with knowledge of Orlando’s search said that Vincent, the former Magic player and Bobcats head coach, met with Orlando CEO Alex Martins, who is heading the GM search, last Thursday. Vincent, according to the source, said he had “a big idea” and could “deliver” Jackson to Orlando. But, the Musburgers said Wednesday, Vincent hadn’t discussed the proposal with Jackson or with his agents.
The latest attempt by Sam Vincent to broker an agreement that would place Phil Jackson and Vincent in the Orlando Magic front office probably will not gain traction with team officials, the Orlando Sentinel has learned. In their search to replace Otis Smith, the Magic plan to hire someone who will be in Orlando on a full-time basis as well as someone who has experience working at the highest levels of a basketball operations department.
Sam Vincent, who played for the Bulls during Jackson’s days as an assistant in Chicago and also played for the Magic, continues to captain the cause that would have Jackson work remotely (likely from Los Angeles, where his longtime girlfriend, Jeanie Buss, remains with the Lakers) most of the time. Vincent would operate in a front-office role in the plan, while the team would be coached by a protégé (or two) of Jackson’s. And as if Jackson’s potential price tag wasn’t daunting enough (he earned $12 million in his last year with the Lakers), one of the sources said he is asking for a slice of minority ownership in the franchise as well
Vincent said Jackson gave him the impression that he doesn’t want to coach anymore. But the Magic scenario would have involved Jackson as either the team president/ general manager or in a consulting role — sort of like Pat Riley looking down from his office at Erik Spoelstra in Miami. Vincent said that Jackson, 66, was intrigued enough by the idea that Vincent and another intermediary were preparing to fly to Jackson’s home in Montana to speak with him. And, if the talks went well, they would next approach Howard.
For the past few days, Phil Jackson was interested in the possibility of joining the Magic’s front office. Then, late Thursday afternoon, Jackson bowed out. Magic CEO Alex Martins was formally presented on Wednesday with a scenario involving Jackson by Sam Vincent, who played for the Magic and Jackson. “It drew some interest from Phil,” Vincent said. “But in the end, Phil decided to go with another opportunity.”
Life after basketball is a matter that’s “close to my heart,” says Vincent, which is why he’s involved in the National Basketball Retired Players Association. Vincent is now trying to expand the organization beyond its chapters in Orlando, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston and Phoenix. The NBRPA’s mission statement: Finding opportunities for former players here and abroad, using their name recognition and experience in camps, clinics and community projects. Vincent says he hopes to get the likes of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaq and Penny Hardaway involved.