Sasha Djordjevic Rumors

In particular Alexander Djordjevic is very disappointed by Brian Scalabrine (206-C-78, college: USC) who left the team a couple of the days ago:’A disappointment on the human side, I didn’t expect that. This is my personal opinion. He was the first NBA player in Europe to go back to the USA without a contract, without playing the latest games and help the team and greet the fans, all at 33 years ago only for going on his knees to his wife that wanted him back. He hasn’t a team and an NBA contract yet. I was counting on his professionalism, respect for the club and especially for his young teammates. He could help us at least until tomorrow, the team needed it, but Scalabrine had a very negative attitude, as already shown in recent weeks, which gave us not so much on the field and beyond, indeed he has also negatively influenced other americans. We’re thrown off by this, thinking of a serious professional, but caused problems with teammates and club’.