Schedule Rumors

The Bulls corrected course a bit after the 8-7 start and out-talented most teams for enough wins to enter the 1998 All-Star break at 34-15, a solid record, but very un-Bulls for that era. The two years prior, they were 42-6 and 42-5 at the break, running away with the top seed. Now they had triple the losses and trailed the Pacers in the standings. Sound familiar? That’s the arc of these Warriors, who went a slump-free, NBA-best 48-4 and 47-9 before the break the past two seasons, but now sit a noticeable tier lower, 44-14 after four recent losses, trailing the Rockets in the standings. “By far the most needed break for any team I’ve ever been a part of — GM, coach, player, however many years that is,” Kerr said. “I’ve never felt a situation like this where it felt so necessary to get away for a little bit.”
Tell him the Warriors are not playing at their best because they feel the fatigue stemmed from appearing in three consecutive NBA Finals. Or that the Warriors’ ailments simply stem from needing to recharge during the NBA All-Star break. “It’ll be a great opportunity to go ahead and reenergize a little bit and get a little bit of time off. But I still find it difficult to hear how they’re tired. I’m hearing how guys are tired. Tired of what?” Barry asked incredulously. “They don’t play. The most that anybody plays is 36 freaking minutes. They travel on charter planes. I listen to all this stuff and I’m thinking, ‘Oh my god. These guys would probably be crying if they had to do what we had to do.’ It doesn’t make any freaking sense. How can you be tired playing 36 minutes a game under the circumstances they play with staying in beautiful hotels, getting fed right, getting a dietician and being on charter planes and all of the other stuff they have? I don’t even like to hear it. It’s ridiculous.”
“We’re going to enjoy the experience as an organization, as a big family,” said Brown, who praised the Sixers’ front office for including families of players and staffers in the trip . “There will be dinners, there will be interaction. I don’t worry that people think we’re going to Disneyland and it’s a holiday, I don’t fear that at all.” Brown added the Sixers have studied how to make the most efficient use of their roughly 76 hours in the U.K., from maximizing opportunities for sleep and rest, to balancing practice time with other league-related obligations. “We’re going to enjoy it,” Brown said of the Sixers’ impending trek, “and I know we’ll manage it professionally.”