Schedule Rumors

“I do recognize that there isn’t an easy solution to that problem, and I’m sympathetic to fans who turn out — whether they buy tickets to games or watching games on television and don’t see their favorite player on the floor,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said during his annual All-Star Game press conference Saturday night. “But we also have to be realistic that the science has gotten to the point where there is that direct correlation that we’re aware of between fatigue and injuries. “And as tough as it is on our fans to miss one of their favorite players for a game, it’s far better than having them get injured and be out for long periods of time. So we’re always still looking to strike that right balance.”
World Peace often forgets where the Lakers are and whom they’re playing. “When you’re in the NBA you don’t care about days of the week,” he said. “Days of the week are not important.” As he said that, Nick Young overheard and mumbled that he usually doesn’t know. “Friday?” Young said, guessing what day it was as he looked toward World Peace. “Wednesday?” World Peace countered, looking just as perplexed. It was Thursday.