Schedule Rumors

But it appears players were seeking more rest as the season concluded. “I’m also not sure it’s just a function of an 82-game schedule,” Silver said. “One, in terms of correlation with injuries, the best data we have is that the connection is with fatigue rather than absolute numbers of games in the season. I mean, as I’ve pointed out before, it’s not as if we have more injuries toward the latter part of the season than earlier in the season. Where the correlation comes is when guys are tired, and because we understand that, what we have done with where we can do a better job is with scheduling, so we dramatically reduced back-to-backs and four games in five nights
Storyline: Spurs Resting
There are some who believe the NBA should eliminate conference affiliation in the postseason and seed playoff teams based on record. Silver believes there are challenges to that concept. “I know that from a fan standpoint, there is real appeal to this notion of seed your teams 1 through 16 going into the playoffs and possibly two Western Conference teams could meet in the Finals or two Eastern Conference teams, and where we ended up was that — again, it relates directly to the resting issue and injury data, is that we would be dramatically increasing travel because if we’re going to seed 1 through 16 we would need to have more of a balanced schedule throughout the year,” Silver said. “That would result in more travel. You could have a Boston-Golden State first-round matchup in the playoffs. It’s something we continue to look at.
Storyline: Playoff Seeding
The Detroit Pistons announced the local television schedule for their first round playoff series vs. Cleveland, starting Saturday, April 17 at 3:00 p.m. Games 2, 3 and 4 of the opening round series are scheduled to be televised on Fox Sports Detroit (FSD) with six of the possible seven games available for local broadcast on FSD. George Blaha and Greg Kelser will have the call for each game televised locally. Each game will be preceded by a one-hour Pistons Live pregame show and each game will be followed by a one-hour Pistons Live postgame show.