Schedule Rumors

“We’re going to enjoy the experience as an organization, as a big family,” said Brown, who praised the Sixers’ front office for including families of players and staffers in the trip . “There will be dinners, there will be interaction. I don’t worry that people think we’re going to Disneyland and it’s a holiday, I don’t fear that at all.” Brown added the Sixers have studied how to make the most efficient use of their roughly 76 hours in the U.K., from maximizing opportunities for sleep and rest, to balancing practice time with other league-related obligations. “We’re going to enjoy it,” Brown said of the Sixers’ impending trek, “and I know we’ll manage it professionally.”
According to industry sources, the major factor in the Knicks’ home-heavy early schedule is a combination of the Garden hosting the Grammys in January and the Big Ten tournament for the first time ever in early March. On Friday, Pistons president and coach Stan Van Gundy floated a conspiracy theory the NBA gave the Knicks a front-loaded home schedule so the marquee franchise could “build some confidence.”
NBA senior vice president Tom Carelli told The Undefeated via email that choosing the 10 teams to play in a mere five Christmas games is one of “the most difficult decisions that we make when we create the schedule.” “When we begin the process, we consider all 30 teams,” Carelli said. “Working with our partners, our goal is to provide fans with compelling matchups based on storylines, rivalries, competitiveness of the teams, star players, and the history of the teams and players competing on Christmas Day. At the same time, we also need to factor in broadcast windows, arena availability, schedule requirements, travel and rest and recuperation.”