Scott Brooks Rumors

The former Oklahoma City Thunder coach not only has a positive history with Harden, but a storied history with the Rockets from his playing days (he was the backup point guard on their 1994 championship team). But according to a person with knowledge of Brooks’ situation, it’s more likely that he will wait until the summer to see what’s next on the job front. The person spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because of the private nature of Brooks’ situation.
How are you looking at you and Scott Brooks’ departure from the Thunder? “For me it’s disappointing because the ultimate goal was a championship and we came so close. We were three wins away from bringing this community and this city, these fans, something they deserved in my opinion. The players have worked so hard for it, the core players have been here so long … Russell (Westbrook), Kevin, Serge (Ibaka) and Nick (Collison) have really put a lot into building the culture of this team. I was just personally disappointed that we could never get over the hump because of whatever … being outplayed or injury. But I understand the business and I’ve been in this situation before where new coaches take over. Sometimes it’s unfortunate, but it’s time to move on, find new opportunities and new challenges.”