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Scott Brooks: “I’ve seen coaches and players do it in the beginning of the season or after the All-Star break. To me, rest is a good night’s rest and taking care of your body and being prepared to play. Hard work is a lot of things that a lot of other people do that are not athletes and coaches. It’s hard to do and we’re all blessed and privileged. But the rest thing is blown out of proportion, in my opinion. You’re talking about a game that we love.”
Scott Brooks: “I’m pretty good [these days]. My knees are hurting, my back is aching and my elbows hurt, my ankles hurt. But I wouldn’t change anything. I loved what I did. I loved to compete. I had toothaches twice and I wanted to play the game, so I told the dentist to take them out. He said ‘you’re going to have trouble when you’re 75 and trying to chew.’ I said ‘I’ll worry about that then. I did do that. But that was nothing.”
Although John Wall wore flip flops on the practice court, signifying he was not a participant in the team’s physical one-on-one session, Brooks reported that he is feeling “good” a day following his left foot sprain. No further tests are scheduled, but Brooks indicated that Wall will continue to receive treatment and be evaluated again ahead of the Friday night matchup against the Chicago Bulls before determining his playing status.
Storyline: John Wall Injury
And while he struggled to pick one player during a chat with USA TODAY Sports late last week, he said the history that Westbrook is making (league-leading 31.9 points, 10.9 rebounds, and 10.1 assists per game, which is third) combined with the Thunder’s success puts him above the rest. “You have to weigh (the overall record) a little bit into it, but it’s not like (the Thunder aren’t) making the playoffs, like they’re not having a successful season,” Brooks said. “I mean they’ve got a lot of talent, and they’re going to win, probably, 50-something games (they’re on pace to win 46). And Russell is a big part of that. Fortunately for me, I got to see behind the scenes who Russell is, and if he doesn’t win it, he definitely has an MVP character, and like I said, it’s hard to argue a triple-double. That doesn’t happen often. (Averaging a triple-double), to me that qualifies to be an MVP. It’s hard to say no.