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Knicks have grown to appreciate and embrace Beasley’s quirks over the course of the season. Whether it’s his singing or his unconventional theories that spark lengthy locker room debates, Beasley has provided a dose of levity and energy for a Knicks team that has needed every bit. “He has a very unique personality, and he owns that uniqueness,” Knicks general manager Scott Perry said. “I think it’s been good for our team culture.”
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Jeff Hornacek’s contract is up after the 2018-19 season, and Perry has said that he and Mills will evaluate Hornacek — and all other aspects of the organization — after the season. Hornacek was hired by former Knicks president Phil Jackson, so it certainly wouldn’t be a surprise if Hornacek is let go by the club’s new management after this season. […] Some players have privately grumbled about Hornacek’s rotations, according to sources familiar with the matter, but Hornacek was given the freedom to run his own offense and was handed an imbalanced roster and tasked with trying to fight for a playoff spot while developing young players.
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A second-year forward who went to Indiana, the 6-foot-7 Troy Williams has averaged 5.6 points and 2.1 rebounds in 34 games (16 starts) with the Rockets and Memphis Grizzlies since the start of last season. “I’m not an NBA guy but I think he’ll bring athleticism, I think he’ll bring energy,” Boo Williams said. “And plus they’re a young team. Scott Perry has done a good job. You know Troy’s game, he’ll bring energy and athleticism.”
Storyline: Troy Williams Free Agency
Boo Williams has known Knicks GM Scott Perry for two decades from his days as a college coach as Eastern Kentucky and Michigan. “He talked to his agent, Steve Pina,” Boo Williams said. “He’s the same one who represents [Kristaps] Porzingis. I think it’s a good fit. He just wants a place where he can play. I don’t think Houston wanted to get rid of [Troy Williams], but he just wanted a place where he could play. And he was doing too well in the G League. In Memphis, he started 13 games in Memphis.”