Scott Skiles Rumors

“I was surprised, like everyone else,” Vucevic told the Orlando Sentinel during a phone interview. “I don’t think anybody expected it to happen, but it was his decision. You just have to accept it and move on. It’s tough because I thought Coach was really doing something good for us. We were heading in the right direction. We finished up the season the right way. We had some good wins at the end. We were playing much better. He established a good foundation for the future. So it would’ve been good for us to kind of keep going with him, because he’s a good coach and also it’s important to have a certain continuity.”
Storyline: Scott Skiles Resigns
He and Skiles appeared to have a good relationship. Vucevic said he played the best basketball of his career after he and Skiles had a one-on-one meeting early in the season. “He really helped us improve, and he helped me personally a lot,” Vucevic said. “We talked a lot throughout the year, and one thing I really liked about him was we’d have open conversations where you can tell him whatever you feel like, and he tells you. He doesn’t hold grudges or anything. He tells you. You move on. . . .
The club didn’t have to worry about Jacque Vaughn — a rookie coach who was grateful for the chance — to challenge the workings of Hennigan’s rebuild. Skiles is no wallflower and — right or wrong — he has his own ideas about how things should operate. This stuff happens in sports. Philosophies, personalities and egos clash, particularly when the ship lists under the weight of losing.