Scott Skiles Rumors

With 12 losses in his team’s last 13 games, Orlando Magic coach Scott Skiles said this morning he has to do a better job teaching his players what it takes to win in the NBA. In response to a question about his team being outscored in the paint in recent games, Skiles said, “Ultimately, that comes from me. I’m the leader, and I have in the last five weeks failed to get my points across, obviously — and the points being we’ve got to pay the price, we’ve got to play harder, we’ve got to be more organized, we’ve got to play at a much faster pace much like we did when we were playing well. So that’s a problem I’ve got to solve.”
To his credit, the 20-year-old Hezonja has remained strong mentally and patient with the process, knowing full well that the Magic and coach Scott Skiles are taking a long-term view toward his overall development. “Every day for me, it’s step by step and I still have to learn both sides (offense and defense),’’ Hezonja said. “Coach (Skiles) wants that for me and the same for me (wanting that). I want to be good at every detail, so every practice is another step for me. “Maybe a lot of people don’t understand that when (Skiles) says it’s a long-term project,’’ added Hezonja, showing the maturity of someone well beyond his rookie status. “But that’s true and I’m totally fine with that. He’s right, I understand it and I’m working really, really hard.’’