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Despite the FIBA ban imposed to the Spanish national team for Eurobasket 2017 and also the threat about the Olympics, coach Sergio Scariolo believes that the “La Furia Roja” will be in Rio. As he said to “I can not conceive the Games without the Spanish team that won on the court the right to participate. Those who have to work in order to resolve this situation are doing well, We work as if there is no possibility to miss the Olympics”.
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Sergio Scariolo eyeing NBA bench after 2016 Olympics

The two finalists have so much in common, says Scariolo, who confirmed to that he will look to land a seat on an NBA bench once the 2016 Olympics are done. “It is certainly not the two teams with the most talent. That’s obvious and evident. “But in theory, we can consider ourselves equal in qualities that are more intangible than the two teams [France and Serbia] going for the bronze medal. But, in sport you admit there is a margin for mental force, for the spirit of team, for tactics, for other factors that contribute to quality.”
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Gasol is battling an injury and Spanish team doctors wanted to limit his minutes — but Gasol would have none of it. From Nikos Varlas at As Spanish coach Sergio Scariolo revealed in the press conference: “The doctors told me that Pau couldn’t play more than five minutes straight. But after the first five minutes, when I asked him to come to bench he told me now. “I will take the risk”, he answered me and he had an amazing game”.