Shelly Sterling Rumors

She’s dressed casually in a loose-fitting, black shirt with a white collar. Her hair is done, but not perfect. It’s the weekend, and she’s comfortable enough with everyone in the house to go without makeup. At 80, she’s long since made her impressions on the world. “I don’t call it a ‘Clipper Curse,'” she says. “Look at the Lakers. Kobe’s been hurt the last two years. What about Oklahoma [City]? They lost Kevin Durant, they didn’t get into the playoffs. Is that a curse? I just call it part of the game.”
“My family didn’t talk to me for a while, because I was selling the team. They were all against me,” she says over a late-afternoon snack around the small table in their airy, beach-facing kitchen. The Sterling family had owned the Clippers for 30 years. It’s who they were. And in a little over a month, that life was finished. Shelly hasn’t given any interviews in the year since she sold the team to Steve Ballmer for a record $2 billion on May 29, 2014. When people ask to take pictures with her, she politely declines. “That’s not my role,” she explains. “My role is to not be known.”
But in looking at how she spent this past year, it does seem that she’s been looking for a way forward while preserving the parts of the past she never wanted to let go. “It was very difficult for me to lose the team,” she says. “It was like my family. I’ve seen them [the Clippers] grow for 33 years. The coach [Rivers] used to be our player. And now to see his son [Austin Rivers] play, it’s like part of your family. “I never wanted to sell it, and we never would’ve sold it. But I didn’t want to see it being dismantled. I mean, maybe they wouldn’t even play for the whole year. I didn’t know what the league was going to do. The only thing I knew is that I had to keep the team from being dismantled.”
The billionaire wife of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling got her revenge against a woman he secretly showered with gifts and whose recording of his racially offensive rant cost him ownership of the team. Shelly Sterling’s victory Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court will force V. Stiviano to surrender a $1.8 million duplex and return $800,000 lavished on her in cash handouts and several luxury cars, including a Ferrari, during a shadowy relationship. Shelly Sterling claimed that Stiviano seduced her 80-year-old husband and manipulated him to give up community property the couple amassed through a real estate rental empire built over six decades of marriage.
The woman who recorded Donald Sterling’s racially offensive remarks says she loved him and called him her hubby, but they never had a romance. V. Stiviano testified Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court in her effort to retain more than $3.5 million the billionaire’s wife says he lavished on Stiviano. Stiviano says she and Sterling vacationed together in Dubai, Paris and Las Vegas, but she never got more intimate than puckering up next to him in photos. Stiviano says she hates Shelly Sterling, who she described as the evil witch of the west. Shelly Sterling is seeking money she claims is community property that she and her husband amassed over a 60-year marriage. Stiviano says Sterling bought her cars and helped her buy a house, but she couldn’t provide specific dollar figures.