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Isaiah Thomas’ documentary, Book of Isaiah II, is publishing weekly to the Players’ Tribune, and LeBron James said he’s watched both chapters so far. You know, scouting the competition. “It’s pretty good,” James said. “He had an opportunity kind of just to open up and tell his story of what’s been going on the last six or seven months from him being in Boston, playing in those games and obviously the tragic death of his (sister) to him being traded to him figuring out his injury and also just him being comfortable in Tacoma, back home. “So, you get an inside track of who the man is, who the husband is, who the father is and also his love for the game of basketball and his family. So it’s pretty well done.”
As the Cavaliers continue their 2017-18 season, Dwyane Wade is offering fans yet another glimpse into his world. An avid Facebook and social media user, Wade has gone back to Facebook again to launch “BackCourt Wade” — a five-part docu-series providing a look into the life of the three-time NBA champion beyond the basketball court. “I’ve enjoyed partnering with Facebook to share some of my off the court moments,” Wade said in a news release. “I hope by sharing some of these candid moments that it helps inspire others to follow their dreams, take risks, challenge yourself to get through life’s obstacles, and take the time to appreciate and enjoy the life you work so hard to build.”
Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Isaiah Thomas released his long-awaited project “Book of Isaiah II” on Thursday. The series, shot by his close friend and filmmaker T.J. Regan and released on The Players’ Tribune platform — the site where Thomas first shared his reaction to the blockbuster trade that brought him to Cleveland in August — will chronicle the last eight-plus months for Thomas as he faces the challenge of playing for a new team.