Showbusiness Rumors

Patrick Patterson: The last straw came in the locker room after practice, that first day back — before we took off for the start of our road trip in Sacramento. I’m at my locker, and who pulls up beside me but Melo. Melo’s another big movie guy, very legit, knows his stuff. And he looks at me and he goes, “Pat, have you seen Black Panther yet?” I’m like, “Nah, been in Mexico, I ain’t seen it yet. What’d you think about it?” And he just looks at me real calm. Real calm, no jokes. And he says, “Man — that’s my favorite movie of all time.”
Jordan Clarkson is feeling it. First, the Cavs sixth man’s theory that dinosaurs were the pets of our giant ancestors went viral. Then, he scored 17 points off the bench Tuesday night in a win over the Milwaukee Bucks. Sometime in between those two stellar moments, people on the Internet discovered a beer commercial Clarkson did in the Philippines.
In retirement, Kobe claimed another victory – in the Oscars. Kobe: “I feel better than winning a championship, to be honest with you. I swear I do. Growing up, as a kid, I dreamt of winning championships and working really hard to make that dream come true. But then to have something like this seemingly come out of left field. I heard a lot of people tell me, when I started writing, they would ask me, “What are you going to do when you retire?” And I’d say, “Well I want to be a writer. I want to be a storyteller.” And I got a lot of, “That’s cute. That’s cute. You’ll be depressed when your career’s over, and you’ll come back and play.” And I got that a lot. And s to be here now and have this sense of validation, this is crazy, man. It’s crazy.”