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The movie which Jones released on July 24th entitled, “Basketball Jones: The Overseas Journey,” chronicles the paths of American players in Europe. Jones came up with the concept for the documentary while playing in Italy. “There’s a big void on what people know about overseas basketball in America,” Jones explained. He did a bulk of the work including coordinating interviews, editing, producing, and coming up with the music for the documentary among other things. “It wasn’t easy but definitely worth it,” Jones said of his passion project. The documentary was Jones’ second attempt at chronicling his journey as a first try was scrapped as he was unhappy with what was made. “I wanted to make sure that the message was the right message.”
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Watching your favorite basketball team’s games from another city no longer requires an expensive, season-long subscription package. Beginning next season, the NBA will offer individual, out-of-market games for $6.99. That price gets you streaming rights on smartphones, tablets, and PCs, but it also lets you tune in from any cable / satellite provider that currently offers NBA’s League Pass. That list probably includes whoever you’re paying for cable now: Comcast, Time Warner Cable, DirecTV, Dish, Verizon, AT&T, and others already participate in League Pass. So this goes beyond mere streaming and takes on a pay-per-view feel. There is one caveat, though; nationally televised games can’t be purchased this way — since anyone can just watch on ESPN or whatever network they’re on.
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