Showbusiness Rumors

In just his third season, McCollum seems to already have his next career set whenever it’s time for him to hang up his Nikes. Each week, McCollum effortlessly navigates one of his two radio shows; he also has a weekly sports talk morning show on 620 Rip City Radio. Since graduating from Lehigh University with a degree in journalism in 2013, McCollum has updated his media portfolio across multiple platforms. He has written articles, including a Q&A for The Players’ Tribune with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver in which McCollum persuaded Silver to reveal his favorite Jay Z lyric. In addition to hosting his two radio shows, McCollum has conducted on-air interviews with players during the NBA Finals.
But McCollum also has plans to one day follow in Michael Strahan’s footsteps and go from sports star to TV star. As McCollum gets his hair cut, he listens to a debate about Kobe on ESPN’s “First Take” on a nearby flat screen. McCollum begins to ponder what kind of media role he envisions for himself someday. “A guy like Strahan, he does “Good Morning America” (and “Live! With Kelly and Michael”) but on weekends he does NFL,” McCollum said. “The fact that he can differentiate himself from just being a sports guy on Sundays to a talk show host who brings actors, actresses, writers, comedians, it becomes a funnier show, you see a different side of him.”
Portland was once a team with a reputation for players who wanted to avoid the media at all costs. This was, after all, once home to the likes of Stacey Augmon, Rasheed Wallace and Ruben Patterson. But now, one of the Blazers’ stars has a degree in journalism, moonlights in the media and is launching a student-mentoring journalism program called “CJ’s Press Pass.” McCollum will mentor students from Madison High School’s journalism club and host a “Journalism Night” at a Blazers’ game during which students can get media access and attend a post-game press conference.