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Team USA showed Sages love, and even Joe Biden paid tribute to the man. Before Sager became an inspiration to those fighting cancer, however, he was primarily known for his amazingly crazy style — and that’s what Jordan brand decided to highlight when they made him a signature shoe. The above design, with the fantastic “Sager Vision” slogan across the soles, is perfectly emblematic of Craig’s aesthetic, which is to say it toes the line between a tacky eyesore and a revolutionary advancement of style. Is it gorgeous?
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As his sneaker sales have slowed stateside because of a string of major injuries, Rose’s signature business has been surprisingly strong globally. A brand source recently mentioned that Rose’s products have totaled around $100 million in total sales, with 70 percent of that generated from the Chinese market. Adidas operates roughly 9,000 branded stores throughout China, where Rose’s annual signature shoe, his 773 team shoe, a casual shoe and plenty of branded apparel are featured at each store. He also does an annual multi-city tour throughout Asia.
The “Triple Black” colorway for James Harden’s first signature shoe from Adidas leaked via Sneakerwatch on Tuesday, and the reactions are coming in quickly. Unfortunately for Harden, Twitter is treating his shoe the same way it treated Stephen Curry’s Curry 2 Lows, that is to say they are roasting the shoe mercilessly. The shoes certainly haven’t reached the full-on meme status of Curry’s, but people are already having some fun:
Working with his father, Earl, a mason contractor, Smith assisted on everything from senior citizen homes to Best Buy and Sports Authority locations—up until he was around 17 years old. Now, starting with a vision that father and son had together years ago, Smith will be opening his own Team Swish lifestyle store, which is slated for the end of the month. The store, which Earl himself began building five years ago, features apparel, footwear and accessories, one of which is Smith’s upcoming signature backpack with Sprayground. “The store is very special,” Earl told the NBPA. “It’s a long time coming. It’s been 15 years since I’ve been working on this project here. And then with J.R. winning a championship, everything came full circle.”
3 weeks ago via NBPA