Spain Rumors

One of the most important personalities in the history of European basketball, the now retired, 74-year-old Ivkovic had coached most (if not all) prominent players incubated in the heart of the Balkan peninsula, while at the helm of the national teams of Yugoslavia and Serbia. Including Kukoc and the late Drazen. “He’s (Doncic) a phenomenon. Drazen Petrovic played “1” and Toni Kukoc from “1” to “4”. I believe that neither of them played so maturely when they were 18, as Doncic plays now,” Ivkovic said with a tone of certainty, while interviewed by Greek Cosmote TV.
“The day before Danny made the pick, he called me and he asked me what I thought. And I said, ‘Jayson is that guy,’ ” Brown said after the Celtics defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, 102-88, on Wednesday night. “I think [Ainge] will attest to that. I told him, ‘The way [Tatum] shoots the ball, his scoring mentality and his length, it would be tough for teams to deal with us.’ He agreed. I don’t think that was the deciding factor. “It was 2 a.m. in Cordoba, Spain, and Danny Ainge was calling me. And I just happened to be looking at my phone. I thought I was going to get traded or something. But he was just asking me about J.T.”