Spain Rumors

Real Madrid, has reached an agreement with Walter Tavares, 25-year old 2.20m center, for the next three years. His arrival is due to the fact that Kuzmic will miss the entire season due to a torn ligament in his left knee. Gustavo Ayon’s recent injury also plays a big role in the signing as it will keep him out of the courts for four months.
Storyline: Walter Tavares Free Agency
The Memphis Grizzles noted how this system is confusing to the fans and tiresome to the players who would like to participate: “It has its good and bad things. It is positive that other players can be part of the National Teams and make themselves known. But I think it also confuses the fans because they don’t know who plays”. Memphis Grizzlies’ player thinks that the dialogue is the solution: “Each part should sit down and face these problems. We have to find a solution among all of us. We would love to be there, but for distance and travel, it is practically impossible”, Gasol added.
During the pre-game presser ahead of Real Madrid’s match against Khimki Moscow for Round 5 of the EuroLeague regular season, Pablo Laso was also asked about the FIBA Windows and the World Cup Qualifiers schedule. His answer was the following: “Nobody has told me anything. I have a game (against Khimki Moscow). I’m not very interested in this story. Have you talked to Marc Gasol? Do you know if he’s coming? Did they call him (for the national team)?”, Laso said.